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Getting a cat with a baby?

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Garthfield Thu 21-Feb-19 20:23:37

Looking for some advice.

DH and I are considering adopting a feline friend. Our current circumstances are the following:
- We have just moved into a house we have inherited while we wait for it to sell. So we have no landlord to get permission from.
- We have a 5 month old baby.
- DH works full time Mon-Fri, I am on maternity leave until September when I go back 3 days a week.

We would like to adopt a cat from a rescue but are wondering if the above circumstances are okay for us to do this? Would you recommend a kitten or an adult cat? We don’t have a particular preference on age of the cat.
The reason we would like to get one now is that I will be home all day to care for it until it settles in.

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MycatsaPirate Thu 21-Feb-19 20:28:31

No I wouldn't. Not if you are planning to move once the house sells. Cats don't like upheaval and it would be a bit much to take it on and then have you back at work and then have to move.

Honestly I would wait until you are settled, your baby is a bit older and past the fulling/grabbing stage.

I'd then go and look at homing a pair of young adult cats when you have a settled home and your baby is old enough to know not to eat cat food, pull the cats tail and play with the litter trays.

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