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Which wet foods are similar in texture to Applaws tins?

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HelloJackieYouLookNice Thu 21-Feb-19 19:50:02

So my cat refuses anything that resembles chunks in gravy or jelly, and she also turned her nose up at Nature’s Menu. The only wet food she will entertain is Applaws - she seems to like the small tins and pate trays. She has dry too which she is less picky about.

Are there any foods with a similar texture to the Applaws that are a) complete and b) cheaper? We are hopefully taking in a kitten (company for current cat who is indoor) which means twice the food bill as I would prefer them to be on the same food.

Thank you!

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viccat Thu 21-Feb-19 21:44:05

Depends which Applaws as they have so many types... Lily's Kitchen is a pate and complete. And maybe the Hi Life pouches?

Also lots of options on ZooPlus, some of the Cosma tins are complete (the tuna one at least) and there are various pate ones such as Feringa (which my cats didn't like but maybe yours will!). Also maybe the Bozita cans from ZooPlus, they are more pate-like than the tetrapaks which are chunks in jelly/sauce.

HelloJackieYouLookNice Thu 21-Feb-19 21:50:21

The ones she likes are the shredded chicken/tuna ones - basically shredded meat in a broth. She doesn’t always finish the pate ones but if I give her anything with chunks in sauce/jelly she just licks the gravy and leaves the meat 🙄

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sweetkitty Thu 21-Feb-19 21:53:47

Mine are on Millie’s Lionheart 80% meat it’s a pate they love it and the dry food as well.

AnnaMagnani Thu 21-Feb-19 22:04:00

If you want something solid meat then you could try Animonda Carny. My old lady is also prone to licking the jelly and leaving the meat and the kittens had the same tendencies.

Animonda is like an old style cat food, you have to mash it up a bit with a fork - it's very meaty and smells revolting which the cats love. All 3 cats seem to inhale it in seconds.

It's complete, grain-free and basically all meat but much cheaper than Applaws and you need to feed far less than Whiskas and the like. Mine leave their bowls looking like they've been through the dishwasher grin

HelloJackieYouLookNice Thu 21-Feb-19 22:10:09

Thanks, I was looking at Hilife but thought the chunks might put her off. I wish Zooplus would publish pictures of the actual food grin

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HelloJackieYouLookNice Thu 21-Feb-19 22:26:59

The Animonda Carny might be a bit beefy for her ladyship, she prefers chicken and fish, she will consider lamb however grin

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Mentounasc Thu 21-Feb-19 22:47:42

I think she might go for the Animonda vom Feinsten rather than the Carny. It comes in single serving trays and is a pretty smooth pate, also is grain free and of reasonable quality.

The Cosma tuna variety and chicken/cheese are the only cat food types I've ever seen/smelled that aren't utterly revolting - they really look like human food and hardly smell. You can really see the meat/fish flakes - definitely not pate though.

HelloJackieYouLookNice Fri 22-Feb-19 06:29:04

The Cosma nature look good - the larger tins are cheaper than Applaws although still not complete, thank you

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Broken11Girl Fri 22-Feb-19 07:00:28

Encore. A bit cheaper, very similar. My fussy Madam BrokenCat is the same, only eats flakes in juice / gravy, loves Applaws, also loves Encore. Lots of supermarkets have it.

I don't think it's complete, but it's good for them to have dry too - mine are healthy on 2 tins or pouches a day and dry to nibble on. Encore also do dry food which is complete.

YesQueen Fri 22-Feb-19 17:24:50

Blink. In Morrisons and pets at home, and it's a complete food
You could also try meowing heads but I can't remember the texture of that one

Olinguito Fri 22-Feb-19 18:58:56

Thrive tins contain flakes of chicken or tuna in a broth, and the food is complete. Probably just as expensive as Applaws though!

HelloJackieYouLookNice Fri 22-Feb-19 19:14:04

It’s a good job she’s cute really grin

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Rolypolybabies Fri 22-Feb-19 21:45:45

Zooplus do an own brand one which is shredded chicken

Broken11Girl Fri 22-Feb-19 21:46:27

Yes, Thrive is also a good suggestion. Meowing Heads dry goes down well with mine, but I haven't tried the wet so can't comment on that either.
Yes, fussy little...darlings, just as well they're cute grin

starryskies4 Fri 22-Feb-19 21:54:26

Thrive ones are similar texture (we've just been through this!), they're a complete and are shredded. My cat loves the tuna one especially but also chicken and turkey.

He's on a raw food diet but have these as just incase.

HelloJackieYouLookNice Fri 22-Feb-19 22:12:23

I didn’t realise Zooplus did their own so that’s interesting (and half the price of Applaws and Thrive), thanks

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Olinguito Fri 22-Feb-19 22:41:31

I'm not sure that the Zooplus one is complete.

HelloJackieYouLookNice Fri 22-Feb-19 22:46:57

I’ve ordered some Cosma to try, I know it’s not complete but I’ll stick to the Applaws pate for her second wet meal alongside her dry food. It’s significantly cheaper than Applaws.

Is anyone else concerned about the Brexit effect on Zooplus prices and deliveries? I have to admit to worrying about it, most of the shredded food uses Thai chicken as well don’t they which may cause problems?

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viccat Sat 23-Feb-19 09:46:16

Yes I worry about ZooPlus and Brexit. Currently about 80% of what I feed my five cats is only available on there (or Bitiba, which is either the same company or a very similar German based company). sad

HelloJackieYouLookNice Sat 23-Feb-19 10:03:03

Once my order arrives I’ll have enough wet for 2 cats until the end of April, I am hoping that by then orders will be able to get to me. I am assuming at a far higher price however angry

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viccat Sat 23-Feb-19 11:50:54

Yes that's my main worry, if packages from Germany will incur customs fees... We'll see what happens.

Vinorosso74 Sat 23-Feb-19 11:57:46

Ours has Thrive which I buy in bulk on Zooplus. I get the dry direct from Thrive.
Not the right board to discuss Brexit is gonna screw our pets up too angry

WatcherOfTheNight Sat 23-Feb-19 11:59:45

Thanks all pps who brought up Brexit,I hadn't even thought about the cat food & get 90%+ of our cat food there shock
I've not long had a delivery but will order more now just incase !

EllenRipley Sat 23-Feb-19 12:03:09

I get Almo Nature from amazon. It's shredded chicken, you can get a few other varieties.
My cats are fussy buggers but will occasionally deign to eat it.

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