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Want to see a pic of my spoilt rotten kitty?

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Greensleeves Wed 20-Feb-19 17:52:01

Poor little Puck just can't understand why I have stopped rubbing his belly grin

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SoupDragon Wed 20-Feb-19 17:54:03

Best you start again before he shits in your slippers!

Greensleeves Wed 20-Feb-19 17:56:28

We seem to have passed the age of punitive defecation (fingers crossed), but he will probably rip a new hole in the armchair if I don't pull my socks up grin

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Fluffycloudland77 Wed 20-Feb-19 19:34:10

That’s a “are you broken?” Look.

abcriskringle Wed 20-Feb-19 19:57:20


Hamsterian Thu 21-Feb-19 08:56:46

So cute! Love the black patch on his belly.

GooodMythicalMorning Thu 21-Feb-19 08:58:34

you sound like a good cat mum slave

Weezol Thu 21-Feb-19 09:01:18

Neither can I. How could you be so rotten to a cat with such magnificent eyebrow whiskers?

minkies11 Thu 21-Feb-19 09:07:32

Love his little pink nose

Greensleeves Thu 21-Feb-19 14:54:54

His little pink nose is my favourite bit of him! He and his brother (Pickle and Puck) both have gorgeous pink noses. He's the most demanding of our three though, he gets really pissy if he's not being actively adored grin

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minkies11 Thu 21-Feb-19 18:11:20

He is so ooooo lovely! Sneak nose kisses with mine if they are asleep. Cue pissed off looks when they wake up though!

Weezol Thu 21-Feb-19 19:25:26

You have mentioned two other cats - the Law of The Internet clearly states that you must provide photos of said cats.

minkies11 Thu 21-Feb-19 19:29:49

Yes @weezol you are right - pics please!

PestoSnowissimos Thu 21-Feb-19 19:31:37

Puck is very cute 😻
Now we want to see Pickle!

MargotLovedTom1 Thu 21-Feb-19 21:45:21

Mine would rip my hand off if I tried to tickle her belly!

MargotLovedTom1 Thu 21-Feb-19 21:46:15

Puck is v v cute btw.

Greensleeves Fri 22-Feb-19 00:35:18

As requested Weezol: here are my two boys Pickle and Puck

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Greensleeves Fri 22-Feb-19 00:36:17

And my grumpy but gorgeous girl Bellatrix!

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Freyanna Fri 22-Feb-19 00:47:57

I love your cats!

Porridgeprincess Fri 22-Feb-19 16:13:55

Gorgeous cats!!

PestoSnowissimos Fri 22-Feb-19 21:53:22

Love them 💖

Weezol Sat 23-Feb-19 21:15:02

Oh they are gorgeous. Why is Bellatrix grumpy? Is it because of P&P or just the generalised grump of a cat living with the constant disappointment at the ineptness of the hoomans?

SoupDragon Sat 23-Feb-19 22:09:23

I've been trying to get a photo of Sirius Black but he is not cooperating.

And then literally as I was typing that he came to stare at me! I think it's supper time...

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