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TMI warning!! Stuff leaking out of boy cats privates.

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WhoopiGoldbergsCat Sat 09-Feb-19 14:22:55

This is really gross just to warn you!

I have an 8 month old boy cat whose been neutered. Lately, usually when he's sleeping I've noticed a yellowish discharge coming from his penis.
Its quite thick and I'm constantly having to wipe down everything he's slept on.
I'm taking him to the vets next week anyway, but wondered if anyone had any experience of this sort of thing.

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WatcherOfTheNight Sat 09-Feb-19 14:29:54

Never had a male cat Whoopie,only females but I have male dogs & they leave lovely little marks if they've not cleaned themselvesenvy

I give them all a wipe down now after their morning walk .

SandAndSea Sat 09-Feb-19 14:33:14

I would call the vet now and ask them what they think. My cat was ill recently and it really helped me to have that conversation with the on-call/emergency vet. Better to be safe than sorry.

thaegumathteth Sat 09-Feb-19 14:40:34

this might help

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