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Moved out of home

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butterboo Tue 05-Feb-19 06:12:15

We live in a hot country (it's summer now) and our 18 month old outdoor tabby has moved out all of a sudden! She went missing but we discovered she'd followed someone home a couple of streets away, we then found her and brought her home. We had decided she would have to become an indoor cat only and locked the cat flap overnight only to discover she managed to unlock it and has runaway again! What do we do, what did we do wrong? We provide a lovely home for her with fresh food and water, lots of cuddles (possibly too many for her liking as we have two children). We're going to go out again tonight to look for her but I've been calling her name all day and not one little tinkle of her bell. She's been desexed, is chipped and also still has her collar and tag with a name and phone number but I'm guessing someone is feeding her.. ideas? We'd like to have her home again!

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abbsisspartacus Tue 05-Feb-19 06:24:14

What's the house like where she is going?

butterboo Tue 05-Feb-19 06:26:57

She was outside a block of flats when we found her at 11:30 at night, she'd been missing for two nights prior to that. I've knocked on neighbours doors to ask if they see her to give us a call and they all know her (she's very social). No one has admitted to feeding her though.

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butterboo Tue 05-Feb-19 06:32:52

It is really strange as she has been an outdoor cat for a year now but always comes home at night when I call her in and lock the cat flat and she previously spent the majority of the day in our garden only wandering off to neighbours for a couple of hours at a time.

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butterboo Tue 05-Feb-19 08:06:13

Bump- after advice on getting her back

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