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Passive aggressive cat (NOT the new one!)

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MrsRussell Mon 04-Feb-19 15:09:58

So further to the post about the delightful Tankie - who remains delightful, chilled, and mostly asleep.
We have five cats altogether. Mostly they get along beautifully - they've already accepted Tankie (after a week - sometimes I think my cats are weird) they eat out of each other's bowls, they rub cheeks with each other, they wash each other's heads, share laps, all that.

My lady cat though is what I can only describe as passive-aggressive, with all of them. Always has been, this isn't a new thing. If one of the others walks into the same room and she's having lap-snuggles, though, if she's in a funny mood it's just growl, growl, growl. And the thing is sometimes the boys will bite back - wait till she's just coming in through the cat flap and belt her, or jump her when she's coming off the litter tray.... More sound than fury, no serious damage intended or caused, but oh! the ruffled feelings all round.

She sits out of range and grumbles from a safe place and it just winds them up rotten: every few weeks she does it (for about an hour) there's no pattern to it, she just gets incredibly possessive towards me personally and gets the hump with every other cat within a 200 yard radius. She is neutered btw, she's not being hormonal!

Is this just something we should expect in a multi-cat household, like some kind of silver tabby stroppy teenage thing?

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Gingerkittykat Mon 04-Feb-19 15:22:29

I think it is just something you have to put up with.

One of my boys is similar, he is nice to my other cat most of the time and then goes through phases of being really mean, hissing at him constantly. Luckily other cat doesn't seem to care much, but if he goes too far will give him a good slap and put him in his place.

As long as the cats are not hurting each other best to leave them alone and work out their own dynamics.

MrsRussell Mon 04-Feb-19 15:36:55

Thanks @Gingerkittykat. I thought that - I mean, if you had five human beings in a house they'd get on each other's wick at times and snap at each other - but then I though, well, I wonder if it's just me minimising either her being a dick or the boys being bullies?

We don't do bullying in our house :-D

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