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Question if you know anything about how cat rescues work

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KittenLedWeaning Tue 29-Jan-19 19:23:16

I'm curious about this. I'm looking for a rescue cat to adopt, and over the past few weeks I am sure I have seen the same cat advertised in succession on the websites of the RSPCA, Cats Protection, and a local rescue. He's the same colour, size and age and has the same name.

He looks like a lovely cat (though falling into the needs time and patience category) and I'm thinking of enquiring about him, but if this is the case, should I be worried by this, or is it just a case of different organisations working together to give the cat greater exposure? Or is it likely to be just a coincidence (colour of cat and name are not wildly unusual).

Any insight would be welcome.

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Pissedoffdotcom Tue 29-Jan-19 19:25:04

Lots of organisations work together, but it should be clear where the cat actually is. So if he's an RSPCA cat on adoption, anyone else advertising him should say something along the lines of 'any enquiries please direct to the RSPCA' with contact info. It isn't unusual for places to cross advertise

KittenLedWeaning Tue 29-Jan-19 19:30:42

Ah, thank you - I think that answers my question. He was on the RSPCA website for a while, and looked to be in a pen. Then he was on a local rescue site (local rescue and RSPCA both based in a nearby town) also looking as if he was in a pen.

He's now on Cats' Protection (in my town) and in foster care. I wonder if the foster carer lives nearer to the CP office which is advertising him, and they've moved his advert to the most local place.

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viccat Tue 29-Jan-19 19:48:22

Cats Protection in particular has been reaching out to other rescues recently to "swap" overlooked cats for better chance of homing them. So could be that although I think it's unusual you're seeing three charities all work together, it's not something I've come across.

Either way rescues are generally very honest about the cats in their care and should answer your questions. It wouldn't be in their interest to lie about a cat or try to hide anything as the cat would just end up returned if there are issues.

KittenLedWeaning Tue 29-Jan-19 19:53:59

That's reassuring to hear, thank you. I have had a cat from Cats' Protection before, but it was nearly 20 years ago (he lived to a grand old age!). My more recently adopted cat was from a local rescue. I mainly need to know if he would cope with my existing cat and my dog. Ddog has lived with cats all his life and ignores them, but that won't help if the new cat would be terrified at the sight/smell of him. I will give them a call tomorrow and see what they think!

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Vinorosso74 Tue 29-Jan-19 20:32:49

The CP centre I volunteer at take quite a lot of cats from the local RSPCA hospital (never the other way). CP do move cats to different centres if they are having trouble homing a particular cat. Often at a different centre they are snapped up in days.
I think it is an avenue which is worthwhile charities exploring if it helps with rehoming to the right home but different charities have different polices so some will PTS a healthy cat others won't. Until all are following the no kill policy (except too sick or crap quality of life etc) then maybe not just yet.
Your cat may not do well in a rehoming centre hence being in a foster home where hopefully he is demonstrating how lovely he is!

KittenLedWeaning Tue 29-Jan-19 20:51:44

Yes, it's definitely a good idea. I've noticed that the obviously cute/fluffy cats go really quickly but others seem to be on the websites forever. This little chap seems to have a similar, shy personality to my cat who recently died, so I can see us being a good match - hopefully I can chat with them tomorrow and see what they think!

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