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Thinking outside the box...

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Parsley65 Sun 27-Jan-19 11:23:28

This is going to sound weird, but we are planning to fit our cat flap upstairs!
Has anyone else done this?
We have been debating for days on where to put it, but there just isn't anywhere suitable downstairs. The plan is to fit the cat flap onto the side wall which will give access to our landing. We are then planning a platform and ladder system traversing the outside wall.
Fortunately my OH is a dab hand at DIY and is looking forward to the new project!
Just hope our four legged friend approves...

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Weedsnseeds1 Sat 02-Feb-19 12:42:14

Mine is upstairs, in a board fitted in a sash window. Gives access to kitchen roof, then shed roof, then ground.

viccat Sat 02-Feb-19 16:48:25

I've heard of a few like this through the rescue where I volunteer. It can work well if you don't have a suitable location downstairs. Some cats will not learn to use it but I guess you'll only know after you've tried!

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