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Kitten fleas? Heeeeeeelp!

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wallpeppering Sun 06-Jan-19 13:30:27

I noticed a couple of fleeting little black things under my kitten’s white fur. She also has little black dots in her ears (maybe irrelevant). We don’t have a vet yet as we got her late Friday and the vet was closed by then - will ring for an appointment tomorrow morning as intended, but with extra panic now.

I called another Vet who was open today, and they said that at 9 weeks she’s too young for treatment but I should do the house. She sleeps in our bed, how can I treat the room if she is in it. If I put her in another room won’t she infest that too? And where will we sleep?

Any advice welcome!

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viccat Sun 06-Jan-19 15:14:15

9 weeks is fine for flea treatment (Advocate or Advantage) if she weighs over 1kg. The best thing to do is wait until tomorrow and get her seen by a vet to get the proper treatment, and also buy Indorex for the house from there.

Do NOT use any over the counter or supermarket flea treatments, they can be very dangerous for kittens.

Where did you get her from? Sounds like a health check would be good in any case if she was given from somewhere with fleas.

wallpeppering Sun 06-Jan-19 15:38:37

Thank you viccat! I have an appointment with the vet early in the morning and I’m hoping they will say it was all a misunderstanding grin

I have let the family of the mum cat now, so they will check. I have been giving her some extra cuddles, poor love might be feeling all itchy.

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