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Preparing cat for new baby

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GinGeum Thu 03-Jan-19 18:10:35

Is there anything specific I need to do to help cat with the transition to a new baby in the household? I’m due any day now and have slowly been getting the house ready well in advance (we also have dogs so gates/Moses basket etc have all been in place for a while to get them all used to them)

He has taken absolutely zero interest in any of the baby things (unusual for him, normally he must sit on anything new to the house immediately) and he’s getting on a bit at age 13 so isn’t really the type to be charging about or jumping all over furniture. I’m imagining he will react much the same as he has done when new dogs have arrived in the house - sitting on his shelf watching on judgementally grin

But if there’s anything you think might be good for him, I’d love to hear it!

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