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Cat thinks tail is a stalker

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Spelledwrong Wed 19-Dec-18 21:31:43

My cat has suddenly decided that his tail is not a part of him. He catches sight of it, goes completely still and watches it for a second, then runs off and hides. After doing this several times he starts attacking it while hissing, biting and growling - it’s actually terrifying. Has anyone else ever had this problem? If so, what was it? Got him a vet appointment but it’s not until after new year. Google searching led me to fleas - but he’s sitting watching it and trying to run off before attaching so not sure that’s it!

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Toddlerteaplease Wed 19-Dec-18 22:32:50

Thought it was fairly normal. Particularly in cats not over endowed with brain cells!

YesItsMeIDontCare Wed 19-Dec-18 22:37:53

Leroy regularly gets shocked by his tail, normally when he curls up and his tail slowly settles on his nose in a waft of fluff.

He's also frequently surprised that it doesn't fit in the cardboard box with him.

Can you have a look at your cat's tail to see if there's any sign of injury or fleas?

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