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Hardest decision...

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Unmumsyme Sun 16-Dec-18 23:14:20

And I just don’t know how to make it. Our 17 year old girl has just been diagnosed with kidney failure. She also has an overactive thyroid which she’s been on meds for for a little while.

Vet has advised that at no point now is PTS too soon but it’s the most impossible decision to have to make. She sleeps for much of the time, but when awake cries constantly for food and wees all over the house. Obviously this is far from ideal, but we’ve been dealing with it because we all love her so much. She doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable, but she has lost a significant amount of weight, despite the constant eating & meds. It’s time I think, isn’t it? Is it better if it seems a little too soon than a little too late?

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Hamsterian Mon 17-Dec-18 08:52:39

It is a horrible decision to make but in many cases it is the last kindness you can show your pet.
My girl was also elderly when she was put to sleep... like yours she was sleeping most of the time but would also cry and yowl when awake. She lost a lot of weight.
When she got the injection, I knew at once it was the right thing to do. As the medication kicked in, her whole little body just relaxed and she looked so much more comfortable...she was at peace finally. The problem with cats is that their signs of discomfort can be quite subtle. But right there and then it was horribly obvious how unwell she had been.
One of the things that clinched it for me was the symptoms of kidney failure - imagine drinking water all day long but not be able to get rid of the feeling of thirst. And the same for thyroid - imagine eating,eating,eating but always having the feeling of being hungry.
I now think I should have done it sooner. The extra time was more for my benefit than hers.
After it all happened and I looked at pictures of her even a few months before, it was obvious that it was the right thing to do.
I wish you good luck with your decision. She sounds like a very loved little lady.

Unmumsyme Mon 17-Dec-18 09:33:37

Hamsterian these words are so wise and truly appreciated, thank you.

You describe all of her symptoms so just seems so hard when she is not obviously in pain. I know that cats can mask this well though. I’ve always thought it would be better a little too soon than late, but I’m now really struggling to follow my own advice.

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Toddlerteaplease Mon 17-Dec-18 09:50:58

I felt that the decision had been made for me. Her bloods were awful and she was loosing weight rapidly. I kept finding her curled up in corners which wasn't like her. She had severe HCM and her kidneys packed up. I just knew it was time. I took her sister along to comfort her, she climbed into her sisters basket while we waited for the vet. It was such a beautiful and peaceful death for her.

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