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cat diarrhoea

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madcatladyforever Sun 16-Dec-18 11:34:13

Does anyone have experience of looking after a cat with chronic diarrhoea?
My girl has the cat equivalent of chrones disease (as well as diabetes and hyperthyroidism) she is 16 and still very happy and enjoying life.Never has any pain as far as I can tell, lovely thick shiny fur.
I have bird feeders attached to the outside of the bedroom window and she just loves watching the birds feed, she plays with her toys and likes to go outside for a stroll a few times a day.
But OMG the diarrhoea, smells awful, litter needs changing daily and it is like water.
She goes to the vet monthly for vit B12 and steroid injections plus diabetic checks and has a prescription diet, not allowed any treats.
I just think there must be another medication she can be given to settle her diarrhoea.
Has anyone had any luck with controlling chronic diarrhoea?

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Madbengalmum Sun 16-Dec-18 11:43:44

Have you tried a probiotic powder sprinkled over food, mine love it and it keeps their skin and tummies perfectly. It is called fortiflora, can definitely recommend.

madcatladyforever Sun 16-Dec-18 12:43:23

Thank you very much madbengalmum. The vet gave me a difficult to use probiotic paste in a tube that I absolutely cannot get down her without getting scratched and bitten to death.
The powder sounds wonderful - I wonder why the vet never suggested it?

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Madbengalmum Sun 16-Dec-18 13:12:32

They dont all know about it, prokolin paste is really hard to get down them. Cheapest place for Fortiflora is Viovet.

Plump82 Sun 16-Dec-18 13:13:30

What food is she on? Have you tried Purina EN?

Madbengalmum Sun 16-Dec-18 13:16:29

Purina EN has the fortiflora in it, but mine prefer their other foods with the powder sprinkles over it.

DiaryofWimpyMum Sun 16-Dec-18 13:20:27

With my girl it was all about finding the right food for her. It took a while and it's not the best food you can buy but it suits her. I, like you can't give her treats or she is unwell again.

Vinorosso74 Sun 16-Dec-18 13:22:55

Our old girl had IBD (this was confirmed when she had surgery). She had hypoallergenic food which worked for a time. Sadly steroids are out once they're diabetic which ours became.
What worked was Chlorambucil tablets-they are also used to treat leukaemia. I believe they worked as they treat the autoimmune disease so stop the body attacking itself. They were bloody expensive but did work for quite a time-we reduced the dosage right down.
I sympathise. Also due to the diarrhoea it was hard to get her insulin requirements right so we were constantly changing it! Luckily I managed to do readings at home and we had a fantastic vet.

woodwaj Sun 16-Dec-18 20:58:44

Ooh do you mind if I jump in on this thread? I've had my kitten 3 months and he's been on the same diet since I've had him but he has runny poo almost every time! He seems bloated as well and does disgusting trumps! I'm wary of changing his food but would you try that or pop to the vets? He has a good appetite and alllllways wants food.

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