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Wee kitten hissing at us :(

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SpoilsburyToastGirl Mon 10-Dec-18 18:25:55

Picked your kitten today and whilst he's been purring and curled up near me, when he first sees any of us he hisses. Is there anything I can do to reassure him?

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SoupDragon Mon 10-Dec-18 18:32:16

Just leave him to get used to everything in his own time. smile

Dollymixture22 Mon 10-Dec-18 20:18:34

Mine hissed once on her first day, nothing since. Sit in the sa,e room as him, even read aloud bit don’t directly approach him. He will settle in very quickly and get over those nerves

dementedpixie Mon 10-Dec-18 20:21:37

He's just scared and confused. Be quiet and calm and don't try to interact too much. Let him come to you at his own pace

moredoll Mon 10-Dec-18 20:23:12

He's just scared. Once he's realised you're the food source he'll be fine.

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