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Allergies & cat ownership

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ItchyEyeballs Sun 09-Dec-18 23:02:57


I was wondering if anyone had any experience with having allergies and owning a cat. My dc does not have allergies specifically regarding cats, however he does have allergies/suspected asthma.

We've been talking about animal ownership for a while as a family. A cat seemed the perfect fit for us as my parents have cats, and I grew up with them in the house. Are there any breeds that might be better for my dc? I was looking at Russian Blue, Cornish Rex as these supposedly shed less. I have no experience with any cats other than rescues as these are what we have always owned.

Is this a nonstarter?

Thanks smile

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Cheshirecatty Mon 10-Dec-18 10:05:24

We’ve just brought home a retired Bengal breeding queen. My son is allergic to his dad and stepmum’s cats, they’re all long haired indoor cats, 3 of them. I wanted to go and get a moggy from rescue, our old hound was a rescue but didn’t want him coming home from uni and sneezing and unable to see properly! He gets hay fever too. I heard that Russian Blues are low allergy as well as Bengals and so found a breeder rehoming one of her breeding cats who was based near his uni. We went to see her and made sure that he petted her and stroked her a lot then waited to see if any reaction-he was fine! For us, it was essential he met the individual cat as there are breeds that are supposed to be low allergy, Siberians are another breed, but we wanted to be sure he wasn’t ok before we brought her home.

Plump82 Mon 10-Dec-18 21:10:42

I developed a cat allergy after having mine a few years and really just put up with it. It can be pretty bad when shes decided to sleep on my pillow during the day so i dont know till i struggle to breath when i go to bed!!

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