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Introducing a new cat

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CatWars Mon 03-Dec-18 20:06:33

Name change for this as it's a bit outing. I've recently adopted a second cat. Cat 1 is six years old, neutered tom, very affectionate and extremely greedy. I've had him 18 months. His previous owner thought he would like having another cat for company. Cat 2 is less than a year old, recently neutered tom, seems quite feisty but I put a lot of that down to stress. Cat 2 has relaxed around me, is very playful, has a tendency to claw the furniture which he has worked out will get my attention which I stop him doing by saying 'No!' loudly and which seems to work. Have been keeping the two of them in separate rooms and swapping the rooms from time to time as my whole home is their shared territory.

So I'm gradually getting the two cats used to each other and it had been going smoothly, we had got to the point of three twenty minute sessions a day together under supervision. Much staring from cat 1, some hissing and growling from cat 2, but they had also been eating in one another's presence and playing with toys.

Then today cat 1 approaches cat 2, stretches out his nose for a sniff and swipes cat 2, very quickly. I don't think he actually touched him. Cat 1 instantly banished from the room while I play with Cat 2 and make sure he's calmed down.

So really, I want to know what other people's experiences are. Is the odd skirmish inevitable? How long is the settling period likely to be? Grateful for any advice.

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viccat Mon 03-Dec-18 22:21:48

It doesn't sound too bad, it's normal for an older cat to assert their authority with a younger new-comer and some hissing/swiping is part of that. I would proceed with supervision to make sure there are no all out fights but other than that let them sort out their hierarchy.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 04-Dec-18 07:52:42

I just plonked cheddar in her carrier in the lounge and let her out. I saw Snorg visibly relax as soon as I bought her in, so I knew it would be fine, and it was. She does the odd swipe at Cheddar, but no fights or growling. I'd briefly fostered other Persians so I knew that Snorg was ok with other Persians.

TuttiFrutti Tue 04-Dec-18 13:49:48

That sounds totally normal to me. We got one established cat used to a new kitten. It took time, but they are basically friends now and sleep in the same bed, but still they will have little spats and one will sometimes give the other a cuff.

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