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Do teen kittens eat less or does mine just hate her food?

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MadCatEnthusiast Mon 03-Dec-18 15:29:14

A couple of months ago, we bought the wrong felix (not as good as it looks) wet food but gave it to my teen kitten anyways, she didn't love it but she ate it anyways and she was on 1.5 pouches per day over 3-4x a day with that. Before with as good as it looks, she's been eating 2-3 pouches over 3-4x a day or whenever she begged. She seemed to LOVE it. Have Felix changed the recipe recently? I get it from Asda.

With our last shop, we bought the smaller packs of as good as it looks and she ate a bit of it but not as much as she used to so she's still eating 1.5 but taking a lot longer to finish so we just top it up 1-2x a day while we wait for her to finish the flakey meat. She eats the jelly first.

Maybe she's getting fussy? Maybe she's wanting a smaller portion? Maybe she had a growth spurt when she had double portions?

She's definitely preferring to eat the dry food (which she usually has when everyone is away/asleep) as opposed to the wet food so she's not starving herself.

She seems well in herself and has leaned out as in she's gotten longer and taller but she's my first so I'm not sure.

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MadCatEnthusiast Mon 03-Dec-18 20:46:37

bumpity bump

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MsJolly Mon 03-Dec-18 20:50:58

Our cat is a finniky thing-can easily go off stuff and mainly seems to like cheaper food-current favourite is Waitrose own which does have 14% protein so not too bad.
The higher the protein amount in the food, the less they need as it takes longer to digest.

bringbackthestripes Mon 03-Dec-18 20:52:44

Mine has a pouch for breakfast and then a supply of biscuits the rest of the day. In fact he will sit in front of his bowl half full of meat and meow as if he’s starving just so he gets some biscuits. He just genuinely seems to prefer the crunchy complete go cat for some reason but I feel he’s missing out if that’s all he has so still keep shoving a pouch in his bowl.
Sprinkle some biscuits on top of the meat and see what happens.

LooksBetterWithAFilter Mon 03-Dec-18 20:56:06

My kitten is 8 months and is definitely slowing down a bit with her eating. Biscuits aren’t disappearing as fast but she’s still eating them mainly during the night but ahe used to eat a pouch as soon as it was put out now she eats about half and wants the rest later now.

littlemeitslyn Mon 03-Dec-18 21:34:57

Mine immediately go off anything they previously only would eat 😡

MadCatEnthusiast Mon 03-Dec-18 21:37:36

She has lidl's coshida biscuits which she likes. I'll try sprinkling some biscuits into her wet food and see if she prefers that. She seems to prefer saving it and she doesn't really do much but sleep now that it's got colder so it's not like she's ravishing after a day of chasing butterflies.

Honestly, I was wondering if I was overfeeding her when she was pestering me for 3 pouches a day and now it's not as much and she's changed it up a bit. I reckon it's part of her growing up so she's not as hungry all the time, saving more of her wet food and biscuits and she's not as active

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MadCatEnthusiast Mon 03-Dec-18 21:39:30

littlemeitslyn It's like they know and do it on purpose, isn't it grin

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