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Pooing outside of litter tray

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TenForward82 Sat 01-Dec-18 18:04:43

Hi all, this is probably a pretty standard situation. DCat, former stray, unknown age, probably getting on a bit. DCat is very antisocial with strangers and was horrified when I brought DD home from hospital! DD is now nearly 3 and DCat seems happier with her.

In recent months DCat pooing in random places around the house has increased. She has a couple of spots she favours but has since added my bed to her list (!).

Unsure if this is unrelated but a couple of weeks ago she started vomiting after nearly every meal. Took her to the vet who did bloods - all fine - and put her on prescription food. Vomiting is much better (only once since starting food) but pooing is still happening.

She has a high-sided litter box, recently added a step in case she had trouble stepping up. Will add an extra litterbox in dining room and limit access to upstairs.

Is there anything I could be missing? We're going back to vet to discuss the food situation (there was also a worry she might be losing weight quickly but they weren't sure, so we can double check that) on Monday but unsure if there's anything else I can do.

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Wolfiefan Sat 01-Dec-18 18:06:48

Some cats dislike spiky litter when they get older. Sensitive paws!
High sided litter tray could still be an issue.

Bonbonchance Sun 02-Dec-18 10:17:22

My cat pooed outside the litter tray when she was a bit constipated, and also will pop right next to it/in the corner if she doesn’t think it’s clean enough...

FrankieChips Sun 02-Dec-18 11:27:03

In our old flat our cat used to poo on the floor in the bathroom. Even when we put a litter tray there she pooed beside it. We then completely cleaned the floor with a spray that stops cats smelling the previous poo/pee smell (that we can’t smell) and it seemed to stop. But she did poo outside the tray when her stomach was unsettled. She has a very sensitive belly and I sometimes thought she did it because she didn’t want to mess her tray up lol. She never peed outside it. The spray might help. You can get it in pet shops. There’s different kinds and they all seem to work.

TenForward82 Sun 02-Dec-18 13:07:37

Thanks all. Hadn't considered changing the litter, that may be it. I use the odour elimator stuff and what seems to happen is she changes to a different spot...

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