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Posh or moggy?

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thecatneuterer Sun 25-Nov-18 02:20:24

That's too cute.

ChristmasSprite Sun 25-Nov-18 02:19:29

Oh !!!! Awwww!! How cute is that!!

ElizabethMainwaring Sun 25-Nov-18 02:16:47


CaptainCabinets Sun 25-Nov-18 02:14:55

Awwww Zazzles!

Haha, here she is. All teddies are good according to Rosie, but Chewbacca is top pick right now.

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ChristmasSprite Sun 25-Nov-18 02:12:04

Mine hadn't been neutered, and had an umbilical hernia.

ChristmasSprite Sun 25-Nov-18 02:10:23

Zazzles!!!?!?! Omg that's awesome name

Seriously OP you can't say that and not provide pic!

ChristmasSprite Sun 25-Nov-18 02:08:28

Another photo now please!

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 25-Nov-18 02:01:21

Looks very much like a Maine Coon.
I have a half one, he's ridiculously big, fluffy, fat, giant cry baby and insists on sleeping in my bed.
Gorgeous cat, his name is Zazzles.

CaptainCabinets Sun 25-Nov-18 02:00:16

She’s fast asleep next to me cuddling her teddy (it’s a disgustingly cute sight), happily grunting away. The most precious little trespasser I ever did meet smile

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CaptainCabinets Sun 25-Nov-18 01:57:15

She was thin and matted when she came to my door yelling her head off. I put posters up, had her scanned for a chip and then one day put a collar on her with my number just in case she was a cheeky chancer, figured if she had a home then I’d get a phone call soon enough. Nothing came so I kept her and she just grew and grew! The winter fluff is amazing grin

She definitely belonged to someone else once upon a time as she’s been spayed.

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thecatneuterer Sun 25-Nov-18 01:55:53

It certainly does happen. Rescues are full of beautiful cats, and even pedigrees - many of them come in as strays.

ChristmasSprite Sun 25-Nov-18 01:54:27

I wondered exactly the same! I can't imagine that he was an accident, but then also can't understand how he could have ended up abandoned. I suppose it happens though doesnt it.

ElizabethMainwaring Sun 25-Nov-18 01:54:22

Ha ha! So is mine!

CaptainCabinets Sun 25-Nov-18 01:52:43

Oh I don’t mind her being a moggy! I’m simply curious as to just how she’s so bloody gorgeous grin and how such a beauty ends up stray.

She’s called Rosie.

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thecatneuterer Sun 25-Nov-18 01:51:29

She is extremely beautiful. But she still could be a moggy. I'm looking after a similar looking boy at the moment and I think he's a moggy. However we can never know his lineage so he too might have some maine coon or similar in him.

Basically, who knows?

ChristmasSprite Sun 25-Nov-18 01:50:53

She is the spit of a dcat I rescued 4 yrs ago!!! Exactly, huge, fluffy trousers, also very floppy and cuddly, massive paws, did exactly the same, every effort to find owners, all the vets in a massive radius, cpl, literally everything, all came up a complete blank.
Male here though, was super thin, and found in snow, not very with it, it was losing it frankly, and would have died I think. Now super happy, chilled, much fatter!

ImNotKitten Sun 25-Nov-18 01:49:46

She’s a gorgeous moggy. They come in all shapes and sizes with various quirks like long fur between their toes. Honestly I don’t understand the desire to ascribe a pedigree lineage to a cat. Moggies are gorgeous and good enough as they are - no need to hope for them to have a splash of a ‘posh’ breed in them.

ElizabethMainwaring Sun 25-Nov-18 01:48:11

She definitely looks like a Maine coon tome. I have one, and my aunt is a top breeder, so Ive seen a few. She's a lovely cat, what's her name?

CaptainCabinets Sun 25-Nov-18 01:45:05

Greetings slaves, anyone want to take a guess at my fur beast’s lineage?! She came to me as a stray 4 years ago (efforts were made to find out where she came from!) and the more she grows, the more I think she looks like a Posh Cat.

She’s HUGE, has fluffy trousers, is very floppy and cuddly with massive paws and long hair between her toes (kind of like the Grinch!)

She’s VERY vocal. DP and I wonder if she’s maybe part Norwegian Forest or Maine Coon?

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