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Elderly cat

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longdays Sat 24-Nov-18 19:39:59

Hi, I ended up adopting an elderly cat 2 months ago because my neighbours weren’t able to take her to their new house. I was told that the cat was in good health except she was losing teeth. Anyway since she’s been here she has soiled (urine and faeces) all over my carpets almost everyday. She has a litter tray and I’ve tried many different litters but she refuses to use it.
Last week I discovered that she’s never used a tray before and instead would go outside.

She’s still eating well (the same wet food that’s she’s always had) and perfectly happy, still pretty quick on her feet, able to climb pretty well and doesn’t seem to be in any pain

Anyway I’m booking a vet visit next week as I’m beginning to lose my mind with the faeces every morning.

I’ve looked into insurance but because of her age there isn’t much out there except accident only or fixed term only.

Has anyone any advice or experience of this?

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Sohardtochooseausername Sat 24-Nov-18 19:50:14

Are you using the same kind of litter as she was used to?

Magissa Sat 24-Nov-18 19:54:44

First of all the stress of her family leaving is stressful assuming she was with them for along time. Then moving in to a new house must surely be somewhat stressful. If she has always been used to going outside and now she is kept in with a litter tray that is also something new to get used to... She is old and set in her ways. I am sure with your continued kindness she may eventually get used to using a litter tray. Have you tried putting the faeces into the litter tray? That may help her learn. The problem with cat urine other than the horrible smell is that once it's there the cat tends to keep going back. I know you shouldn't clean with ammonia based cleaners because the smell is similar to dried cat urine. This is such an annoying problem I really feel for you.

longdays Sat 24-Nov-18 20:08:43

Hi, regarding the litter tray She isn’t using it at all and completely ignores it, but she has free access to outside with via a cat flap which she uses without any problem.

I’d be quite happy to not bother with the tray and let her go in my garden, but she won’t do that either.

I’m cleaning with bio washing powder to get rid of the smell to avoid her going in the same place each time and it’s working because she goes in different areas everyday. I even tried shutting her out whilst I was at work once to avoid coming home to more mess and someone took a photo of her sitting on my doorstep next to her food and water bowls say “does anyone know whose cat this? It looks like a stray”

I’m just wondering if this is likely to be a kidney/thyroid/diabetes issue that a vet could help with?

Honestly she’s well fed, well looked after and seems pretty happy sitting on my knee each night.

Before my neighbours moved she frequently came to visit my house which is why I was happy to take her on.

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Fluckle Sat 24-Nov-18 20:16:11

We took in an old cat and had some toilet issues too. The problem now is that various places in your house smell of poo/wee and therefore as a creature of habit, he's going to think it's all his litter box. You'll need this spray and maybe one of their UV lights to make sure every trace removed for a start.

Next up, put his poo in the litter tray so he associates that with his place to go. Do you use the sand brand litter as his previous owners? Cats can be surprisingly picky. Does he have the same style cost litter box that he's used to? Does he have to share it? They also don't like them too near where they eat.

And are there any other issues with his poo? Is it otherwise normal? If our cat has an upset stomach he will avoid his box, like he doesn't want to spoil it!

Vinorosso74 Sat 24-Nov-18 20:19:37

Have you tried soil in the tray? I'm sure the vet will run some blood and pee samples as a start for a general screen.
She could be stressed so Feliway or Pet Remedy might be worth a try.

longdays Sat 24-Nov-18 20:24:18

Thanks fluckle, she’s never used a litter box even before I got her, so I’m not surprised that she’s not bothered now, but I wish she would go outside like she used to with her previous owners.

I shall try that spray though.

The poo looks normal and no signs of an upset tummy.

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longdays Sat 24-Nov-18 20:25:33

Forgot to say I’ve also got feliway plug ins.

She’s a beautiful pedigree Maine Coon if that makes any difference?

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Inkythemouse Sat 24-Nov-18 20:29:48

Are there any new cats nearby?our cat is 17 and started using the house as a toilet a couple of months ago.
We found out there was a cat trying to attack her whenever she went outside.
It took a few days to retrain her to use a litter tray.
Dh laughs at me but every night I lock the cat flap and put a box in front of it. In my head if she knows she can't get out she'll know the other cat can't get in blush

differenteverytime Sat 24-Nov-18 20:32:59

I'd also try soil/poop in the litter tray. If she's willing to be handled, maybe show her the tray in the way you'd do with a kitten, holding her and scraping her paw across the surface? But maybe you've already done that.

Possibly not a good idea to shut her out during the day, as one reason she won't use your own garden could be that another cat has already marked it out as territory and she's too elderly to fight to establish a territory of her own. Our old lady was once the alpha female around these parts, but has gradually lost her territory and we now regularly see other cats in it bastards. At 16 she now only goes out for the loo and a bask among the rhubarb on sunny days. But that's the garden she's been used to all her life. For your old girl it's a strange territory.

It's so good of you to adopt an elderly cat. I hope you can get it sorted out.

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