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Greedy cat

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Ostagazuzulum Thu 22-Nov-18 21:43:49

I need help. I have two cats! Vet says they both are correct weight. The boy cat is an utter pig though. He constantly cries for more food, no matter how much he has eaten. If we leave anything for a second, he's on the counter helping himself (and judging by the startled look and way he runs off as soon as he realises he's been busted, he KNOWS he's not meant to be on kitchen side/table/ eating our food). He has cat treats every now and then, dry food left out constantly and wet food twice a day. I've tried upping the wet food a bit but it doesn't matter how much he has, he still wants more! I've had cats before but never one like this. He lurks around the other cat trying to steal her food (he o lay gets her leftovers because she's not a pushover) He's an outdoor cat and has been known to bring home chocolate bars (in the wrapper), a whole bread roll, amongst other things. Tonight I've gone downstairs to get a drink only to find that he's helped himself to butter In the butter dish and licked it clean. It's about 2cm square size of butter which would make me feel sick but he seems fine. He def doesn't have worms and is going to loo normally. Otherwise he's a typical cat in terms of activity. I'm at a loss what to do with him. Is he just a pig?

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Wolfiefan Thu 22-Nov-18 21:45:52

How old is he?

Ostagazuzulum Thu 22-Nov-18 22:38:57

He's 5! I've just gone downstairs for drink and he's come flying down the stairs clearly thinking my movement = him being fed. He's currently disappointed. He's at a good weight and last thing I want for him is to be an overweight cat and all the associated health probs that'd bringconfused

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Wolfiefan Thu 22-Nov-18 22:40:01

If he’s eating loads and not putting on weight then I would want thyroid etc investigated. Drinking lots? Diabetes?
If he’s eating lots and a fat monster (like one of mine) then that’s different. blush

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