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RSPCA insurance issue

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janebee4 Tue 20-Nov-18 18:32:29

We adopted a cat about 10 days ago, and when we got her they told us she had had an injury to her back foot when she was first brought in, but it had been checked out by a vet and she'd had treatment and was okay. Over the weekend it started looking more red and she was licking it loads so we took her to the vet yesterday and he said she may need a toe amputating!

With the RSPCA we had activated the four week free insurance when we got her but they're now saying her toe is a pre-existing condition and won't be covered. We adopted her in good faith when they said she had been given the all clear from a vet and we really weren't expecting to be landed with such a massive bill after less than 2 weeks and she hasn't even been outside yet sad

Am I being unreasonable or would you be expect to be covered for this? I just feel like we've been mislead and now landed with massive costs for treatment. I'd obviously find a way to pay for whatever is needed, just feel like we've been lied to sad

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viccat Tue 20-Nov-18 20:05:13

Contact the charity where you adopted her from.

All pet insurance policies do have the same exclusion for existing conditions - otherwise people would just take up a policy after their cat already has an illness or injury and claim. The charity you adopted from should help though and might offer you the use of their vet's for free or at a big discount.

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