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I'm so sad

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Roseau18 Thu 15-Nov-18 21:22:58

My cat is only five years old and I found out yesterday she has cancer. The vet said because she is young it is a very aggressive form and she probably only has a few weeks left to live.

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FlosCampi Thu 15-Nov-18 21:25:03

That is terrible news. I'm sure you have given her the loveliest life a cat could have.

Dollymixture22 Thu 15-Nov-18 21:28:27

I’m so sorry. I am sure you are devastated. She is still young.

I agree with pp, I am sure you have given her a wonderful life.

Roseau18 Thu 15-Nov-18 21:43:43

What makes it worse is that my long term partner and father of my children died of an aggressive form of cancer just a few years ago. I just broke down when the vet said it was cancer.

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MsNowtyBach Thu 15-Nov-18 21:52:55

I'm so sorry, that sounds unbelievably tough.

We are facing the end for our girl and it's so painful, but we don't have the death of a spouse, it sounds very difficult indeed.

I don't have any wisdom, but wanted to wish you well.

ArabellaUmbrella Thu 15-Nov-18 22:02:24

I'm so so sorry, what awful newsthanks

MrsCatE Thu 15-Nov-18 23:02:14

Oh you poor person. Sorry, I haven't any advice but know you are a lovely, kind, caring person by your post. I'm sure your partner's and cat's lives were so much enriched by you being there. Handhold sweetie flowers

Roseau18 Wed 21-Nov-18 19:33:47

Please help me to find the courage to take her to the vet and have her put to slerp. She is still drinking but she hasn't eaten since Sunday and she is starting to have trouble walking. I know it would be the kindest thing to do but it's just all too mixed up with my partner's death and there are too many emotions.

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PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 21-Nov-18 20:14:14

Oh I'm so sorry. Do you have someone who could go with you to the vet so you don't have to do it on your own?

Pennina Wed 21-Nov-18 20:33:26

I am so sorry for you what awful news. My heart goes out to you. I'm sure you have given her a wonderful life but that does not really help at the moment.

If she's not in desperate distress then you can perhaps give yourself a little bit of time to come to terms with it but if there's any deterioration it might be a case of being brave. It's not easy I have been in your position with cats three times now. Two I put off taking to the vet to be pts and I'm not sure it was the right thing to do.

I wonder if your vet could come and pts at home to save you having to make the awful final trip.


Roseau18 Wed 21-Nov-18 21:09:04

It's all been so quick. It's onmy been a week since I took her to the vet. 10 days ago she was eating, playing and had just suddenly got fat.
She still wants to sit on my lap and is responsive to being stroked but I don't think I should let her starve to death.

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VictoriaBun Wed 21-Nov-18 21:11:49

I recently read that it is better to take an animal to be put to sleep a day early than a day late. You will know when that day is here. flowers

ArabellaUmbrella Wed 21-Nov-18 22:21:59

So hard. But it is the final act of kindness. I agree that if the vet could come to you it would be better. Once they are not displaying their normal cat behaviours it is very sadly time to let go. Thinking of you and your dear puss. thanks

VictoriaBun Fri 23-Nov-18 15:43:41

So what happened to your little kitty ?

Roseau18 Sat 24-Nov-18 08:31:56

She is still here. I haven't been able to bring myself to take her. She has stopped eating and spends most if the time sleeping but she still gets up to see me in the morning and wants to be picked up and cuddled. She is still drinking and using the litter tray and has also asked to go out into the garden every evening; has walked slowly round and then come back in.
But she is so thin. It would be easier if she seemed to have no interest in life at all.

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Pennina Sat 24-Nov-18 09:15:00

Oh Roseau - I felt the same with both mine. They did potter around and had a quality of life. A red flag is if anything deteriorates from where you are now, ie crying when turning over etc (pain?) or not being able to walk properly or losing bladder control. Is her colour good? Check her gums. With both of mine they passed away very quickly at that point. Both before vet could attend to pts. I found it very hard to draw the line between terminally ill but ok with a loving owner who was there all day (I work from home) and pts. But people do say better a week too soon than a day too late and, broadly speaking, that is really correct. It's very hard - and she's so young too.

Roseau18 Sat 24-Nov-18 15:59:18

I changed my mind a few hours after my post above. She got diarrhoea and was no longer able to walk in a straight line.
I have just got back from the vets. I realised I had made the right decision when i saw she wasnt even scared about being at the vets. He gave her one injection and she literally went to sleep purring in my arms. He then gave her another injection to stop her heart and left me alone with her for a good half hour to say goodbye.
The house seems very empty now though.

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ScreamingValenta Sat 24-Nov-18 16:03:19

I'm so sorry. I'm glad her end was so peaceful flowers.

Alienspaceship Sat 24-Nov-18 16:05:17

So very sorry flowers

Pennina Sat 24-Nov-18 16:59:19

I'm so sorry- she sounded a very sweet cat and you obviously loved each other. thanks

WelcomeToMyCandyStore Sat 24-Nov-18 17:01:25

So sorry sad flowers

VictoriaBun Sat 24-Nov-18 17:05:55

So sorry to hear that.
In a few days you will think you did the right thing for her. Sending you flowers

Blacktoffeecat Sat 24-Nov-18 17:08:05

I’m sorry flowers

ArabellaUmbrella Sat 24-Nov-18 22:25:40

RIP dear puss thanksthanksthanks

Bath9000 Sat 24-Nov-18 22:27:32

So sorry OP flowers flowers

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