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Count2three Wed 14-Nov-18 20:53:19

Ive has my rag doll brothers for 6 months now. One of them has had persistent diarrhoea since day one (breeder denies all knowledge, of course). Despite changes in diet, probiotics etc, nothing worked.

A sample showed tritrichomonas, another parasite and a virus. He’s been put on ronidazole, started today. I’ve been reading about it but wondered if anyone has experience of this, in particular the effectiveness of treatment. To complicate matters, his brother, who has never shown any symptoms has now developed diarrhoea.

It’s a nightmare. Fortunately he’s otherwise a healthy, happy cat with a massive appetite. But being long haired, it gets caught in his fur and he spreads it around the house. I spend so much time vacuuming the litter (due to many trips to the litter box), cleaning the floor and wiping his bottom. I love them dearly but it’s getting to me.

Any stories to share, in particular with multi cat households?

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nearlynermal Fri 21-Feb-20 11:54:12

@Count2three I think I've got the same problem. How did yours work out in the end?

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