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I may have accidentally adopted a pair of kittens...

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SoupDragon Mon 12-Nov-18 17:11:19

I only went to look, honest! Then come home Thursday smile

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MarthasGinYard Mon 12-Nov-18 17:12:02


Names please

ScreamingValenta Mon 12-Nov-18 17:13:44

Ooooh, squeeee!

SoupDragon Mon 12-Nov-18 17:14:51

One will be Sirius. The other will not be Terry no matter what DS2 says!

Maybe Phineas, Orion or Idris.

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ArabellaUmbrella Mon 12-Nov-18 17:18:10

Oh they are beautiful 😻😻😻
It is impossible to only go and have a look at a rescue, the law most definitely states that you must adopt whilst therewinkgringringrin

Greensleeves Mon 12-Nov-18 17:18:26


Beaverhausen Mon 12-Nov-18 17:19:15

Too adorbs! I like Phineas.

SoupDragon Mon 12-Nov-18 17:19:45

I considered Regulus but it seemed so inferior to Sirius. Although not as inferior as Terry.

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Vagndidit Mon 12-Nov-18 17:20:27

🐾♥️ Lucky little furballs! Lucky you!

SoupDragon Mon 12-Nov-18 17:20:55

It is impossible to only go and have a look at a rescue, the law most definitely states that you must adopt whilst there

Yes. I got away lightly with two. If I'd taken the children there could have been about nine!

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AintNobodyHereButUsKittens Mon 12-Nov-18 17:21:28

Remus! (Although maybe he’d get species confusion). Or Severus.

viccat Mon 12-Nov-18 17:24:13

Gosh they look identical to the pair I adopted last week! Mine were already at home with me in my foster room so it was only a matter of time until they became officially mine, haha.

Firstbornunicorn Mon 12-Nov-18 17:25:36

Ooooh! I'm jealous!

EachandEveryone Mon 12-Nov-18 17:25:46

Gorgeous. Have you got any others at home? They are stunning.

Ollivander84 Mon 12-Nov-18 17:27:07

And this is why I cannot set foot near a rescue. I would come home with some 3 legged ancient unadoptable cat and Ollie would be "WTF hooman? I'm your ONLY cat"

SoupDragon Mon 12-Nov-18 17:32:36

I suspect SoupDogg may be a little put out but he did grow up with cats.

Our previous cat died suddenly at the start of July.

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SoupDragon Mon 12-Nov-18 17:34:04

I have ordered different coloured collars for them.

I'm not a big fan of collars and hopefully they'll grow up to be somewhat less identical! They both have the same coloured eyes (amber) so that's no help.

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SoupDragon Mon 12-Nov-18 17:34:48

in my foster room

Do you mean "in the room all my cats are in before they all become mine"?

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ArabellaUmbrella Mon 12-Nov-18 17:37:24

* *Yes. I got away lightly with two. If I'd taken the children there could have been about nine!
I would have been the same, even without my children! When we chose our 2, DH was with us and was the stern voice of reason. I'd have loads if I could.
<mad cat lady>

Sparklingbrook Mon 12-Nov-18 17:39:32


viccat Mon 12-Nov-18 17:43:57

SoupDragon Haha, in fairness I've fostered a total of 11 kittens and 2 mums this summer and only kept these two. wink So that's not tooooo bad...

Sparklingbrook Mon 12-Nov-18 17:45:32

I went over to see Sparklingcat 'just for a look' Ended up borrowing a carrier to bring her back and stopping at Tesco for some cat food. hmm

SoupDragon Mon 12-Nov-18 18:22:37

My children are ganging up on me and trying to push through "Captain
Raymond Jacob Holt" for the kitten that isn't Sirius. 🙄

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twinkletoedelephant Mon 12-Nov-18 18:28:35

I took DD then 3 to look at a lovely friendly girl who the rescue thought would be ideal.... She obviously fell in love with a cranky boy who hissed at her and had been returned more than once...

After a fortnight hiding in a cupboard comming out to eat and toilet only - he attended every bedtime story and monster hunt before bed until his last day.

He was the most perfect cat we could every have.

ArabellaUmbrella Mon 12-Nov-18 18:36:19

@twinkletoedelephant aw that is lovely. He was obviously meant to be yours. Love stories like thatsmile

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