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I lost the love of my life yesterday

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goforkyourself Sat 03-Nov-18 14:24:58

My grumpy angel cat has gone. She was 13 years old, pure evil but so beautiful. She hated everyone except for me. I had her since she was a tiny kitten, we've been through so much together ❤ My poor love, I miss her so much sad

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Hassled Sat 03-Nov-18 14:27:30

Oh I'm so sorry. She looks lovely.

Icklepup Sat 03-Nov-18 14:29:50

Aw, she was beautiful

goforkyourself Sat 03-Nov-18 14:42:19

Thanks, it was a bit of a shock. Found out last week she had FIV and severe anaemia but she perked up after some tablets. Found her on Thursday pm in a really bad way and the vet said her blood sugar was really high so left her there on a drip. By yesterday morning she'd died.

She was my angel, my beautiful grumpy sexy 👼

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MiniMum97 Sat 03-Nov-18 14:50:46

She was gorgeous. Thoughts go out to you. 

Vinorosso74 Sat 03-Nov-18 15:32:58

Aw that face. I'm so sorry flowers

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 03-Nov-18 15:45:06

I’m sorry. Poor girl.

Beaverhausen Sat 03-Nov-18 15:50:03

So sorry OP, nothing worse than losing a much loved one. xx

goforkyourself Sat 03-Nov-18 22:54:40

Thank you. She was a also v misunderstood grin

I miss her so much. RIP grumpy bum xxx

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TheLongRider Sun 04-Nov-18 07:39:16

flowers I am sorry for your loss. Particularly when she was your special cat.

fenneltea Sun 04-Nov-18 07:42:38

So sorry, at least she was understood by you op. flowers

OliviaStabler Sun 04-Nov-18 07:43:34

So sorry flowers

Yogagirl123 Sun 04-Nov-18 07:43:53

So sorry OP.

FiveShelties Sun 04-Nov-18 07:51:48

Really sorry to read OP - she is so pretty. I had a grumpy cat some years ago, she used to sit on my knee and if I moved just a tiny bit, she would stand up, look at me and hiss and then jump off my knee. She was gorgeous too. flowers

Harebellmeadow Sun 04-Nov-18 21:56:06

Oh bless her. She looks cosy and so well loved, she is even in your bed rather than just on it. So sorry that she is gone sad

MrsCatE Sun 04-Nov-18 22:32:35

So sorry OP. She was obviously much loved 'Grumpy Bum' and you did your utmost best for her. flowers

Long, repeated whinge on here about my Bastard cat - he hates me - and I cry if he gets a claw caught and has to chew / wash it better.

At least your beast lurved you too. Xx

goforkyourself Wed 07-Nov-18 18:55:31

Thank you so much, it's been a tough week sad

Grumpy cat was surprisingly well loved round these parts and I've had some nice tributes from people who've been savaged by her

I live abroad and adopted her as a tiny kitten 13 years ago. She was always a bolshy little madam with an attitude problem but I fell in love with her nonetheless. She saw me through the worst times of my life including a divorce but never left my side. She's been my loyal shadow, my special angel.

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