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Chasing off next doors Cat.

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Taylor22 Thu 01-Nov-18 09:50:12

I adopted an amazing male cat approx 5 years just over a month ago.
Things could not have gone more perfect. He settled in within 20 mins of the first day and by 24 hours you'd have thought he'd been her for life.

He has now been allowed outside and again everything's been great. He doesn't seem overly fond of the cold so doesn't stay out long.

However. He does not like next doors very lovely, very quiet and timid cat.

He had somehow managed to get it in between the fence yesterday with him sitting on top taunting the poor thing and making sure it couldn't escape. Once we realised that he wasn't in fact having a leisurely rest are went and got him so the cat could escape.

Today I've just seen the poor cat Flying across our garden with our cat chasing behind him.

Is there any way at all to help this? Or will next doors cat hopefully get the message and stay out of our garden.

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Taylor22 Thu 01-Nov-18 14:50:31


Just found the little sod chilling by the bins with the poor cat in a recycling box afraid to come out.

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chemenger Thu 01-Nov-18 17:50:27

I think if there is no actual violence, screaming and spitting that you should probably leave them to work it out. There isn't a lot you can do about it, even if there is violence actually. Keep doing what you are doing and he may get the message that if he is mean to other cat you will bring him in, but cats are not brilliant and cause and effect so he may not spot it.

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