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Are cats the only animals who 'discipline' their offspring?

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SheBangsit Sat 27-Oct-18 12:56:57

For reference, I grew up on a farm, but the only ones among cats, dogs, hens, cows, pigs, sheep that I've seen actually smack their little ones are cats? It's usually in a 'get off me' way, but I've never seen dogs do it for example?

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SheBangsit Sat 27-Oct-18 12:57:58

I'm just idly curious as it's funny watching a cat with her kittens.

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SheBangsit Sat 27-Oct-18 12:59:11

Obviously I have no experience of the wider animal kingdom so curious to know if they are the only ones.

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IStandWithPosie Sat 27-Oct-18 12:59:52

Other animals do it but in different ways, they do it with sounds, looks, body barges, removal of attention etc.

SheBangsit Sat 27-Oct-18 13:02:16

Oh ok, probably wouldn't notice that. Yes, I do see other animals ignoring them alright. It's fascinating to watch.

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Ollivander84 Sat 27-Oct-18 13:04:19

Horses do. I've seen a mare nip/boot a foal to tell them off

CMOTDibbler Sat 27-Oct-18 13:11:47

I've seen: dogs, goats, sheep, cows all doing it - usually once the young gets to an age where they are annoying they get disciplined. Pups have a special sound for 'sorry, sorry, I'm just a pup' which is their get out of jail free card and goes about 16 weeks

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