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Cattery or home?

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AlexaAmbidextra Wed 24-Oct-18 20:14:10

I’ve always been an utterly soft fool with my cats but I thought with this one I’d be sensible. Lottie has now been in a cattery for short periods on three occasions. She doesn’t appear to be traumatised when she comes home but is very pleased to be here.

I however, find it a problem so I’ve been looking at options. Over the years and with previous cats I’ve had house sitters but I’m now wondering whether somebody like Cat In A Flat coming in twice a day would be ok. Any thoughts from other mad cat owners would be much appreciated. I neurotically worry about fires or break ins if she is here alone overnight etc. 🙄

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dementedpixie Wed 24-Oct-18 22:03:28

My cat sitter comes in twice a day to feed my 2 cats. I've never used a cattery before

wowfudge Wed 24-Oct-18 22:07:44

We've been debating this with our two and have decided to pay a cat sitter. The space they are used to versus the space in a cattery was what decided it for me. Plus when I had a cat in the past, she was happier to be at home.

IcaMorgan Wed 24-Oct-18 22:11:50

I have a cat sitter come in twice a day for my 5. She spends a couple of hours with them in the evening

DiveBombingSeagull Wed 24-Oct-18 22:15:07

When mine went into a cattery they were really unhappy and both lost weight, they looked so sad when we went in to collect them and were really off with us when we got home.

This year we had a cat sitter in twice a day and they were totally fine.

We do have a cat flap on a timer so they can come and go as they please but can't get out at night.

wtffgs2 Wed 24-Oct-18 22:19:54

What's your cat flap with a timer called?

Sounds good. I've spent thousands on used catteries over the decades. I prefer knowing they're safe. I'm not sure I'd want a random person in my house, although lovely neighbours have done the odd overnight for us - which is completely different.

lostcatsitter Wed 24-Oct-18 22:21:17

I look after my friends' cats.

Last time, one of the cats I was looking after vanished. I looked everywhere and was spending a couple of hours at a time there trying to make it look like they were back. It still isn't back sad

Friend is gutted. So am I. It is someone I have known for many years and I hope it does not damage our relationship.

It is worth thinking through scenarios to work out what could happen and factor that in.

viccat Wed 24-Oct-18 22:29:25

It is always best to use a cat sitter so the cats can stay in their familiar environment but never allow them outdoor access during the catsit - cats are much more likely to wander off with no one at home.

In regards to other risks (fire or burglary), I suppose it isn't any higher than any other day when you're out at work or something.

iknowimcoming Wed 24-Oct-18 22:35:51

Mine always goes to a cattery, she's a hunter so would riddle my house with live rodents if left alone so would therefore have to be restricted to utility room, which is small. I know she would play up for others too so hide out etc and I wouldn't want anyone to have the worry of her disappearing and if I'm honest I wouldn't relax on holiday if I was worrying about her. I too had the unfortunate situation of cat-sitting when a friend's cat was sadly killed by a car and that probably does affect my thoughts on this too.

batshitbetty Wed 24-Oct-18 22:45:55

We use cat in a flat, and someone comes in twice a day. Have never felt comfortable putting them in a cattery as they were rescues that were left in the cattery for months and I don't want them to think they've been abandoned again blush

They are outdoor cats, and I figure if they are going to be stuck indoors for a couple of weeks, at least they have more space here and it's familiar and they have the beds and sofa to sleep on

Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 24-Oct-18 23:15:43

We’re just back from a few days away, and MIL came in twice a day to feed and fuss. Our cat normally goes to the toilet outside, although she is litter trained and always has a tray available. MIL let her out - she doesn’t roam, just our garden and next door - but she was obviously nervous about a different human and didn’t go out to the toilet. Instead she used the bath as a litter tray. This is the first time we’ve gone away since we adopted her 18 months ago, and I know she would hate a cattery, but I feel awful about it all. She’s met MIL numerous times, and was apparently super-friendly with her when we were away, so I am a bit at a loss. I suppose the bath is the least worst option.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Thu 25-Oct-18 09:06:48

We use a cat sitter twice a day. I couldn't put him in a cattery, I can't stand the thought of him being cooped up. Our garden is cat proofed so he can come and go as he pleases. We're going away for 3 weeks next year and I'm dreading leaving him but I'd rather know he was at home.

SushiMonster Thu 25-Oct-18 09:57:48

Have you seen Trusted Sitters? It is basically like airbnb for pet sitting and you swap free accommodation with free pet sitting.

I like to have someone here more than just 2 daily feeds as the cat likes company.

Toddlerteaplease Thu 25-Oct-18 10:00:04

My cats love the cattery. One of the members of staff absolutely adores Snorg (and Fatty) so they are getting spoiled rotten. They also get fresh catnip to play with and probably more attention than they get from me. I got a very annoyed look from Snorg last time I picked them up. (She'd just got into her heated castle).
I also have a cat sitter who visits once a day. But I'm more relaxed with them in the cattery.

MarthasGinYard Thu 25-Oct-18 10:04:39

Just picking up our boy after 1st full week away.

We've missed him so much

He did two short trials first as I wanted him to know we'd be back.

He has an indoor and outdoor run and it's a lovely place. Established for years and really friendly.

We have no one I trust enough to care for him whilst we are away. I still sit up until all hours waiting to get him in for the night.

I understand your dilemma

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