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Help me with my cat flap please!

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NewToCats Wed 24-Oct-18 09:51:16

Have reached that point where dcats 1&2 have finally got their own way with their demands for a cat flap.
I have been resilient for a while, but the 1am, 3am, 3.30am, 5am and 6.30am door opening get ups are beginning to take their toll.
The issues I have:
*l'm likely to come down in the morning to a mountain of dead mice. Seriously, she has caught 4 in one night before! I realise there's probably nothing I can do about that.
*I fear the house will be draughty with a cat flap. Do they let draughts in? Or have they improved since 30 years ago. We have very strong winds around here. Literally every thing in the garden is tied down.

Any thoughts about positioning and draughtiness wise cat people?

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Allergictoironing Wed 24-Oct-18 10:05:56

If you get a microchip operated cat flap, you can program it so it only allows them to use it at certain times, or so it is in only after curfew etc. This also means that only your cats can get in your house, and also as it only opens when activated by the relevant chip it won't swing in the wind & be draughty.

viccat Wed 24-Oct-18 10:06:57

They are not draughty, at least the SureFlap one I have is not.

However you should not allow cats out at night for their own safety, most RTA deaths happen when it's dark.

Thirtyrock39 Wed 24-Oct-18 11:02:44

My worry is the cat being out at night
I'd like a cat flap but I like k owing the cat is in when it's in

viccat Wed 24-Oct-18 11:10:53

Thirtyrock you can lock the cat flap - mine is locked from dusk until I go down to the kitchen in the morning. Mine never try to get out when it's locked and dark outside. I lock mine manually but you can also get a cat flap that comes with a little hub and an app you can use to lock or unlock even when you are not physically there, and that shows you when your cats enter and exit. (It's the SureFlap Connect.)

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 24-Oct-18 11:46:33

Ooh I could do with that app. I fret the cat hasn’t come in if we go out at night.

Ours is in overnight to keep him safe.

Dollymixture22 Wed 24-Oct-18 21:51:23

I have just purchased the sureflap connect! Pricey but will allow me to retain control of my little monsters doming and goings during the day -⎌I also plan to remotely lock her in once it starts to get dark - or rain! And sometimes just to mess with her head because she wakes me up at 3am with her claws!!

NewToCats Wed 24-Oct-18 23:51:55

'And sometimes just to mess with head' grin

No danger here from cars. More likely to be blown away in a gale! Good to know it should be ok with draughts. As you might have worked out - it can get quite breezy around here.

Will go ahead with the catflap. Think I may have thought of another solution involving access to a dry, sheltered out building. Then at least if they don't want to come inside they can have another choice. Should help keep it clear of mice as well, bonus.

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