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Diabetic cat

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Vinorosso74 Fri 19-Oct-18 20:11:24

Hi, our old girl had diabetes so am quite familiar with it all! It does seem quite daunting at first but actually you kind of adapt your routine around it.
Going away she would stay in the cattery which conveniently is part of our vets. For that you do need someone who is experienced with dealing with diabetic cats. A vet nurse could be a good cat sitter or cattery like ours.
Days out we kind of tweaked times insulin was given but mostly we stuck to the roughly 8am and 8pm times.
Ours was a difficult one with food at the best of times and she had a hypoallergenic diet. If yours has no special diet just try any tasty food, wet food slightly warmed can help?
If you're concerned call your vet for a chat, I found the nurses very knowledgeable around diabetes too. We did have a wonderful vet who was so helpful but it's a two way thing you need to make sure you do your bit; she told me it was clear when people weren't.
Some cheap squeeze bottle honey is useful for emergencies in case of hypos and a glucometer at home (about £20) is useful.

Memsie Fri 19-Oct-18 15:51:54

Hi I'm new on here, I'm just fresh back from the vets with my diabetic 12yr old cat Shady and a whole heap of booklets and meds!
I have a couple of concerns i wonder could anyone help me?
Firstly, I absolutely cannot inject the cat unless he eats something. He wont eat so what do i do??
Secondly, what do you do about holidays/days away? He had to have 2 shots a day. Thanku in advance 

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