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Looks like a cut lip do I need to do anything?

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EachandEveryone Wed 17-Oct-18 20:25:50

It’s always Daphne and she never goes far. Excel she’s come in tonight ringing wet on her belly and one side. I notice she keeps smacking her lips. She’s eating and behaving fine. I’ve looked as much as I can and there’s definitely blood as if she’s bitten her lip. Is that possible? She doesn’t look injured or anything but she’s definitely licking her lips. Do I need to do anything?

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EachandEveryone Wed 17-Oct-18 20:34:49

There is blood she’s gone to hide in the litter box she saw the metacam coming. I’ve cleaned it

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Ontheboardwalk Wed 17-Oct-18 20:37:39

The wet belly and side doesnt sound good she might have been injured internally.

Any idea what could have happened to her?

I’d ring or take her to the vet to try figure out what’s happened.

EachandEveryone Wed 17-Oct-18 20:58:02

Well the confident one came in covered black wet stuff and leaves today there is a patch of wasteland that’s fenced in where she goes with all the strays! I can only think my Daphne has somehow gone there I don’t know it’s full on like she’s walked into something I’ll try and get a picture while she’s askeep

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EachandEveryone Wed 17-Oct-18 21:00:19

Or is it acne?

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MrsCatE Thu 18-Oct-18 06:12:55

What type of food / water bowls does she have? I've known cats to develop allergies to plastic. Did you manage to find out what the stuff was on her side and belly?

EachandEveryone Thu 18-Oct-18 13:31:39

Pyoderma the vet said. She has a temperature so she’s had an antibiotic shot and a metacam shot. £175. I could weep!

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Ontheboardwalk Thu 18-Oct-18 19:15:25

Ouch at £175. Bet she’s feeling better now though

EachandEveryone Thu 18-Oct-18 19:29:44

She’s slept all day but got up to eat. I’m sure she will be more with if tomorrow.

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