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My old lady might be blind now

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Polkapjs Fri 12-Oct-18 20:35:24

So she had her tooth abscess I posted about and the swelling has gone, she has Horner syndrome and was blind in one eye, deaf and now I fear she’s gone totally blind as she cries unless she’s asleep or next to you and is bumping into things. Do I need to let her go? She’s 19. She’s eating and by me now and purring but seems anxious if not with anyone. I’m torn

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ScreamingValenta Fri 12-Oct-18 20:52:37

I have an old boy who's increasingly frail. It's so difficult. At the moment he seems happy most of the time - I'm trying to look at his overall quality of life, but it's hard when this is inconsistent. I often see the phrase 'better a week early than a day late' quoted on here.

Has your vet given a view as to her likely quality of life at the moment?

I let my old girl go a few years ago when she was spending 90% of her time sitting hunched up, and then lost her bowel control - I could see her life had become miserable. I think you have to go with your gut feeling, but err against being 'too late' if in doubt because avoiding a painful death has to be the best goal for your cat. flowers

Polkapjs Fri 12-Oct-18 21:09:07

Right now she’s by me and purring and seems happy. Still eating but guided to food. It’s the yowling I can’t bear. We’ll see what the next two days bring. Thanks for the hand hold

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Want2beme Fri 12-Oct-18 21:15:36

She must be very anxious now if her sight has completely gone. As you say, see how things develop over the weekend. It's really hard when they get old and less ableflowers

DramaAlpaca Fri 12-Oct-18 21:25:25

Cats don't just purr with contentment, they also do it to comfort themselves. Your poor old puss sounds unhappy & stressed to me. Please think about her quality of life. I'm firmly of the opinion that pets should be let go before their quality of life deteriorates too much. Better a week too early than a day too late, as they say. I know it's difficult, but it's the kindest thing you can do. And in your situation I wouldn't delay.

Polkapjs Fri 12-Oct-18 22:32:15

I think you’re right. She’s happily snoozing now but I think the yowling is likely distress so we may need to say goodbye 😢

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Polkapjs Fri 12-Oct-18 22:37:59

My hubby’s cousin is a vet. Lives a way from us but going to ask her view. I think it’s time

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Polkapjs Sat 13-Oct-18 07:51:37

No word from vet so I’ll monitor her today and see how I think she is. She’s very clingy and looks confused. It’s horrible not knowing how she feels

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Lynne1Cat Sat 13-Oct-18 08:29:32

You say it's horrible not knowing how she feels....simply walk around your home with a blindfold on. Frightened, and isolated, I'd imagine. Your girl is 19, a marvellous age. You've given her a good, happy, long life - but it is now time to say goodbye. xx

Toddlerteaplease Sat 13-Oct-18 10:26:07

I agree that I think it's time. She's had a long and happy life with you. It's the most living thing you can do for her now. It's a very peaceful death.

ifonly4 Sat 13-Oct-18 11:19:02

So sorry to hear you're going through this. My old girl stated off with a touch of dementia, followed by being virtually deaf. The vet confirmed she was blind, and thought we should think about quality of life. She no longer wanted to be with us and didn't seem happy when I touched her, but still wanted her food and to go out (she used her nose to find cat flap) so I convinced myself she still had some life in her. However, it got harder and harder to watch her and I knew she had been and was deteriorating. She was struggling to find her food bowl, and I just couldn't put her through any more.

It's such a hard decision to make, trying to work out the right time for them. To save an unnecessary visit to your vet, I'd phone and speak about your concerns and thoughts.

Polkapjs Sat 13-Oct-18 12:24:09

She’s gone. I gave her a last big cuddle and my husband took her. Cowardly I know but I wanted my memory to be that snuggle. My son is heartbroken 😭

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ScreamingValenta Sat 13-Oct-18 12:30:55

I'm so sorry. What a beautiful last memory to have. From all you've said, it was the right thing to have done for her sake. You had a lovely long time together, and you let her go before it all became too awful for her flowers.

BigcatLittlecat Sat 13-Oct-18 12:34:13

Bless you all. It's the last act of love you can do for her. But so so hard. Look after yourselves today you will be fragile.

DramaAlpaca Sat 13-Oct-18 12:35:58

Oh, OP sad I'm so sorry. You've done the kindest, bravest thing you could do for her.


Polkapjs Sat 13-Oct-18 12:41:25

I’m so upset. My older son just told me she’ll be having a big cat party with tuna in heaven to cheer me up. Sweetheart

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Toddlerteaplease Sat 13-Oct-18 12:43:13

So sorry. It's awful. But you'll always have good memories of her. She had a wonderful life and you will find that thought a comfort in future.

Polkapjs Sat 13-Oct-18 13:03:38

Thank you everyone. Your hand holding has been very helpful and kind

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