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cat abuse

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tamzinro Thu 11-Oct-18 09:10:53

My neighbour down the road has fed my cat and took her in . My cat used to go missing for days and I discovered she was going to her home . she feeds her chicken, sausages and such and will now not eat her cat-food, she is getting fat ! She will not come in either, it's a bloody nuisance because now my other cat is going there . Vet bill will be going to her , I promise that . Please leave other people's cats alone !

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Want2beme Thu 11-Oct-18 19:35:26

Ooh, I'd be hopping mad as well. Neighbour knows she's yours? Tell her vet's put her on a special diet and you'll send her the bill for the expensive diet food and consultations if she doesn't stop feeding her. She's damaging her health and that's not on.

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