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Kitten - explosive bowels

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cheesemongery Tue 09-Oct-18 01:15:26

So... we (I!) have a new kitten, going by dates I think he was only 5 weeks old when we got him. So as not to drip feed - my DD Dad's friend ended up with the mother making herself comfortable and giving birth in his house- call the midwife, all kudos to him.
The owners of the mother were on holiday and couldn't give a shit. When they got home, the priority was to get rid of the mother and the kittens. DD's Dad's friend - let's call him Bob, did a marvellous job and all kittens re-homed to friends like me.

Tiny tiny things, eyes still blue, yet fed on a diet of Dreamies and 'salmon or chicken treats'...

We've had our kitten for 3 weeks now and he has been de-flea'd and wormed. His bowels settled after the worming and everything seemed fine, but tonight he did another fart an explosion thankfully in the litter tray, but I'm worried about him as he seems to like drinking water by the gallon (exaggeration).

I spoke to my local vet who wanted £40 just to see him. I know I'm a fool for taking him on when I cannot afford him, but it's that or the owners said drown the lot.

He's very happy and boisterous in himself. Has tripled in size and very much has the hunting instinct for human toes!

I can't even remember why I posted now he has interrupted me so much!!

Yes, exploding bowels, water, worming... any advice please?

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cheesemongery Tue 09-Oct-18 01:17:52

ps he is on dry kitten food, and he's just jumped on me - I can hear and feel his tummy gurgling. Is there anything I can get to settle that?

I remember taking my old cat once and got charged £50 for consultation and omeprazole for cats!

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TeddyIsaHe Tue 09-Oct-18 01:52:47

Well get pet insurance as a priority, it’s not expensive and will cover you if anything bad happens. I do think you need to see a vet ASAP as it all sounds like he’s a poorly little thing.

Secondly what food is he on? I would start by trying a decent high meat content one with no grains. Cats need meat not fillers.

cheesemongery Tue 09-Oct-18 03:06:39

He is insured, but as not chipped or anything, it's a £50 whatstheword - liability? He's not a poorly little thing, he has tripled in size and is full of beans.

I already said he is on dry kitten food.

Any advice or should I have just let him be drowned with his siblings?

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penisbeakers Tue 09-Oct-18 04:20:13

He needs a high protein diet for kittens. I recommend Applaws dry food kitten variety. You can add warm water to it to soften it too.

He does really need to see the vet too. Thank you for taking him on.

penisbeakers Tue 09-Oct-18 04:22:55

Balls I hit post.

I always found worming causes diarrhoea for most animals. Make sure he's not passing any blood, and obviously make sure there is lots of fresh water available. Diarrhoea = dehydration, hence the drinking.

TeddyIsaHe Tue 09-Oct-18 05:40:53

What BRAND of kitten food? There’s a world of differeance between whiskas and Applaws for example.

Well if you know his siblings have been drowned for a fact I hope you’re doing something about it? Reporting this to the RSPCA?

BackToTheFuschia7 Tue 09-Oct-18 10:28:30

I’m sorry but if you can’t afford £40-£50 for a vet appointment you need to rehome him to someone who can. Animals have a right to veterinary treatment by law. He could have disgestion issues or a parasite like Giardia. You need to take him to a vet.

ifonly4 Tue 09-Oct-18 11:05:46

How long has he been eating his present food? I'd give him some cooked chicken or perhaps plain white fish to see if that settles whatever. Long term, I'd have him on some wet food as well, ad there's a lot more moisture in that.

Do you have another local vet? My two closest charge £22 and £34 for an initial appointment, so you might find someone cheaper. If he's drinking lots (how much by the way?) it's a sign he's not well or dehydrated so needs to be assessed by a vet, especially as he's so young.

Well done taking him on and giving him a loving home. Over the years you'll probably have a few minor appointments so think about long term if you can manage this.

cheesemongery Tue 09-Oct-18 11:06:38

He is on Hills science plan which I ordered online along with the litter etc as I don't have a car and they are bulky items.

The whole family, human family were reported to the RSPCA. There is no point me posting the details of their living conditions as somebody will twist it to be xenophobic.

His bowels have been a lot better since worming, but as it was his first treatment in his little life then he is due another dose next week - his is very stinky farty!

As for rehoming him - Do you know what that actually entails? I worked as a volunteer for Cats Protection League for 2 years - they won't take him. They don't take cats unless there is a major emergency, they are over run with kittens they cannot rehome.

Yes I have taken him on with low funds. That's not to say next week there won't be the funds. If I thought for a minute he was SERIOUSLY ill of course I would take him.

I paid a handsome sum to a well known chain of vets as my previous cat wasn't walking properly. The vet, who could have been some lad they picked up off the street said he looks fine to me, probably had a scrap here are some pain killers.

Well I KNOW my cats and I knew she wasn't right, so I took her for a second opinion. The first thing the new vet did was squeeze her tail and back feet - no sensation at all. He said he suspected a spinal injury, I took her home in hope. I nursed her every day, towards the end I even helped her pass her stools manually. She was put to sleep, the kindest thing to do - she had broken her back. I loved her so much, I dug her grave and she is buried in my back garden.

So fuck off all of you keyboard cat loving judges. I'm basing my question on a good history of knowledge and knowing that when the sister cat to the one that died had a gurgly tummy they prescribed pretty much an antacid.

Do you know what MIL died last night, I was reaching out for some advice, because I don't know everything, but I do know a lot. Fuck me for asking.

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cheesemongery Tue 09-Oct-18 11:11:20

thank you @ifonly4 - apologies for my rant, am just about to take DD to see her Dad (who's Mum died).

He very much likes his plain cooked chicken. I was worried that because he was bought up on dreamies and very salty fake snacks that the damage may be done already.

If so and it is kidney damage, I doubt anybody will rehome him. I'll get him sorted.

We have a frozen bag of Basa white fish from Aldi in the freezer. Even the eldest cat turned her nose up, but I'll give it a go with Kitty and look for some quality wet food - I hate the Whiskas/etc pouches. We get given them from time to time - eldest will lick the juice and sneer at the 'meat/fish'

Apologies all for my rant. I'm just trying to do the best by him.

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BackToTheFuschia7 Tue 09-Oct-18 11:14:31

Sorry to hear about your MIL. He really does need to see a vet about the ‘exploding’ bowels and excessive water intake.

You aren’t the only one with experience in cat rescue.

TeddyIsaHe Tue 09-Oct-18 11:36:55

You’re getting angry about people caring about cats? I see you’re under a lot of pressure at the moment, but that was really unnecessary.

I do hope your kitten gets better ASAP.

viccat Tue 09-Oct-18 11:45:32

Kittens do seem to drink more than adult cats when they are small - I've fostered several litters of kittens and see them drinking daily while it's rare for me to see my own adult cats drinking. So I wouldn't be too worried about that at the moment especially as he is eating a dry food diet - there is no moisture in that so he needs to compensate by drinking. Dreamies are not ideal but they are not dangerous - a few weeks of Dreamies will not have caused kidney damage.

It's also not very unusual for kittens to have some tummy issues. If he is not vomiting or showing signs of dehydration, I would put him on cooked chicken only (no dry food) for 3-5 days and see how things improve.

Would you be eligible for any of the low cost/free vet's like Blue Cross or PDSA? Or Celia Hammond if you're in London.

When he is big enough for vaccinations, a lot of vet's also offer new kitten packages where you get the first health check, vaccination, microchip etc. at a lower cost. He needs to weigh about 1kg to be big enough to get vaccinated.

viccat Tue 09-Oct-18 11:46:57

Oh and for good quality wet food look for Animonda Carny Kitten from ZooPlus. The larger cans in the saver packs are good value and much, much better quality than Whiskas etc.

Chanelprincess Tue 09-Oct-18 11:47:50

Could you take your kitten to a PDSA? They can get dehydrated very quickly when they're so tiny, even if they're drinking a lot so it would be best to seek professional advice if you can. Have you thought about giving your vet a call for some advice over the phone? It's definitely worth a try, and it wouldn't cost anything. I hope he get's better soon...sending you a hug as it sounds as though you're having a tough time.

CatchingBabies Tue 09-Oct-18 13:07:42

You know it’s not really you keep him and leave him without treatment or let him be drowned, you’re being dramatic and there are other options like handing him over to a rescue centre. He needs to see a vet and he needs treatment, kittens go downhill fast and diarrhoea can be fatal. If you can’t afford him you need to give him to a rescue centre that can treat him. Anything else is cruel.

Franullalitta Tue 09-Oct-18 13:35:29

My kitten had this and it was gardia a type of worm which normal worming doesn't kill. He seemed fine in himself just had very explosive poos. The vet told me to give him panacur paste once a day for 3 days. U have to wiegh your kitten for the dosage and along with that he needed canikur pro which puts the flora back in the stomach. I did that 1ml 3 times daily. Also chicken steamed in the micro with boild rice for his meals for now.
Hope this helps. I haven't read the whole post so u may have already taken him to the vet. Good luck with your kitten xx

penisbeakers Wed 10-Oct-18 02:01:13

I'm sorry you're having a horrible time right now, and I'm sorry some folks are being unhelpful. How is the kitten now?

cheesemongery Tue 06-Aug-19 00:49:13


He's now about one year old, absolutely huge and a very handsome young man thank you for asking grin

He'd still like to try and sleep in the crook of my arm or on my shoulder, but he's a good 2ft long if not more - sausage cat.

He likes to hold hands/paws though and continually try and kiss me before he falls asleep - my fault, kiss for Mummy? Now I'm eugh get off haha :D

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