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Two rats a night, twice in a week

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flamingnoravera Mon 08-Oct-18 22:27:49

My 14 year old tabby has brought two juvenile rats in tonight. Last week (bin night also) he brought in a live one and later a dead one.

It's driving me scatty, or ratty. He shouts in his special "hello I've got a rat meow" which alerts me but he brings them up to my room and my landing is becoming a sacrificial alter.

Any ideas of how to stop it? Sometimes they're full grown other times juveniles sometimes live, sometimes playing dead. He has half his teeth missing due to gum disease and I thought it might stop it but it's getting worse. I can't lock the cat flap because the cat just charges it and breaks it if he can't get in or out.

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Aprilislonggone Mon 08-Oct-18 22:31:16

I would be worried dcat would get badly bitten if he isn't killing them instantly due to lack of teeth.
Shove a big book +chair across the cat flap and leave a bowl of tuna to ease his grounding.

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