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Help me decide on my prefix

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CatchingBabies Mon 01-Oct-18 12:37:41

I breed Ragdoll kittens and am finally applying for my GCCF prefix and I can’t think of ANYTHING good that isn’t already taken. Can some creative people help me think of ideas?

I’d like Rag or Ragdoll in it so it’s obvious what I breed but it can’t be too long either or it restricts kitten names.

Why is this so hard!

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CatchingBabies Mon 01-Oct-18 12:39:01

Kitten photo as advance payment for ideas 😍

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YetAnotherSpartacus Mon 01-Oct-18 13:41:11

Sorry - love the picture but I have no idea what you are talking about! Can you explain?

startingtolooklikemother Mon 01-Oct-18 13:49:34

Well I breed pugs (I will just wait whilst the pug hunters throw things at me) and my affix is Bubbapug. Having said that I'm a crap breeder because I hardly ever sell them. That probably doesn't help much does it?

CatchingBabies Mon 01-Oct-18 13:58:23

Ok so a prefix is something that you pay for and register as yours and then it becomes your breeder name. When you name your kittens that word then goes in front of all the names. So for example a breeder might have Ragtastic and then their kittens are registered as Ragtastic Bluebelle, Ragstastic Poppy and so on. If you don’t have your own prefix the GCCF give you their one that changes every year. So one of my girls is Adjulsl then her name.

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CatchingBabies Mon 01-Oct-18 14:02:59

Some that I’ve come up with but none seem quite right.

-Ethereal Ragdolls
-Indigo Ragdolls
-Beau Bleu Ragdolls (beautiful blue in French)
-Bellisimo Ragdolls (beautiful in Italian)
-Amour Ragdolls (love in French)
-Bluebell Ragdolls
-Bleu Belle Ragdolls
-Iris Ragdolls

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YetAnotherSpartacus Mon 01-Oct-18 14:07:24

Oh! Thank you for the explanation. I'll see if I can think of anything, but I'm hopeless at things like this!

AlfiePup Mon 01-Oct-18 14:18:36

I like Ragtastic!!!

Knitjob Mon 01-Oct-18 14:22:25

I like Indigo Ragdoll. Don't know why, it just sounds quite glamorous.

I had a ragdoll once, was my absolute favourite cat ever.

Wolfiefan Mon 01-Oct-18 14:24:40

I like Indigo. What about something related to where you live or why you’re a breeder etc?

Frustratedfrenchie Mon 01-Oct-18 14:28:15

Rosie Ragdoll? Only because Ragdoll is the name of the barge in Rosie and Jim!

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Mon 01-Oct-18 14:43:28

No ideas OP. But I shall now prefix my cats' names with 'Battersea' to make them feel more upmarket. grin

CatchingBabies Mon 01-Oct-18 15:07:01

Ragtastic is already taken. Just used it as an example. Indigo is the name of my first Ragdoll so quite like that. Just hard to make a final decisison!

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CatchingBabies Mon 01-Oct-18 22:48:00

What do people think of Indella Ragdolls, my partners suggestion as our current breeding queens are Indigo and Bella and that includes them both.

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Thewindsofchange Mon 01-Oct-18 22:56:34

I haven't a clue sorry but I need one of those kittens! Soooo cuuuute!

Wolfiefan Mon 01-Oct-18 22:58:51

I like that.
Can’t think how to phrase this. They’re your breeding queens now but how would you feel in years to come? Fitting tribute or upsetting reminder?

Allergictoironing Tue 02-Oct-18 08:51:50

It's a pretty name, and I would look on it as a tribute to the founding mothers of your line.

Prefixes referring specifically to the area you live in can be a Bad Idea. I knew of a dog breeder who used a prefix relating to her village, then moved a long way away. And another who's prefix related to her county, then she moved to another country!

DaffodilPower Tue 02-Oct-18 14:12:30

Can't think of anything - sorry, but please can I have one of your beautiful cats?!!

CatchingBabies Tue 02-Oct-18 17:50:53

Yeah don’t want a location one as likely to move in the future. And I think even in years to come it will be a nice reminder of our first girls.

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CatchingBabies Tue 02-Oct-18 17:53:28

Kittens in the post to all those who requested them 😂😂

Can you believe this stunning boy is the last one to be reserved! Getting very tempted to keep him.

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Beaverhausen Tue 02-Oct-18 17:55:45

I like beau bleu ragdolls

glivupa Tue 02-Oct-18 18:21:37

How about Ragadazzle

MrsCatE Wed 03-Oct-18 00:27:37

Look, I have first call on your lovely beast because I understand your user name. GIVE Me!!!
Re original query, haven't a clue - would RUGdoll work?? If you adopt prefix, I want lovely beast (a pipedream - my huge, ex-feral Tom would NOT be amenable) x

DaffodilPower Wed 03-Oct-18 10:29:15

Aww he is so handsome!!!

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