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Introducing a kitten to older cat

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coffeekittens Sat 29-Sep-18 20:28:38

I might be getting a rescue kitten, I hadn’t planned on getting another cat so soon after losing my darling girl to the road. I have her brother who is a neutered cheeky boy who’s out of the house a lot, I’ve tried keeping him in after losing my girl but he was very unhappy as a rescue from a farm, his sister on another hand was almost always indoors (I’d mentally prepared myself for my boy sadly being ran over but never her).

Anyway back on track, I saw a rescue kitten (about 12-14 weeks old now) on Facebook and just fell in love with him, I’m going to see him on Friday and plan on keeping him indoors with access to a patio (will install next summer as the boy spends more time during winter indoors). If I do bring home this little kitty he’ll be between 16-18 weeks and the rescue are neutering him before rehoming at approximately 16 weeks. How do I introduce him to my big cat?

I’m scared that having another cat in the home will scare off and he’ll not come home (big cat unfortunately has several homes locally due to him being such a charmer and cheeky devil). Should I keep big cat at home and let him have roam of the house and introduce little kitty in a large cage and slowly bring him into the room? I’m pretty clueless. I was an emergency foster for a stray female earlier on this year and boy cat didn’t come anywhere near me or the house whilst she was here, however she was aggressive to him (and his sister but she stood her ground), he gets along fine with lots of the local cats and my neighbours kitten.

If you’ve read this far firstly thank you, and secondly please share any pearls of wisdom with me!

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