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Kitten has eaten some toothpaste

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incendio Tue 25-Sep-18 19:58:46

Hi all

I have a 4 month old kitten who can't let me go into the bathroom alone. I was putting toothpaste on my brush and looked down to talk to her and a bit dropped onto her fur.

She licked it before I got a chance to get at her with the cloth and now she's got some foam coming out her mouth (toothpaste foam) I've checked her mouth and wiped away the foam and can't see any in there and I've wiped her down with a damp cloth so there's none in her fur now. She just seems a bit annoyed at me for cleaning her and confused by the taste/ foam.

Will she be fine or should I be doing anything else? It was just a little lick, the big blob was still on her fur when I started wiping her.

This is my first time owning my own kitten since moving out of parents so every little thing sends me into a panic that she'll die blush I dread to think what I'll be like when I have my first DC!

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LucyInTheParkWithDragons Tue 25-Sep-18 20:16:59

I suspect she'll be fine. It's edible for humans after all!

Wouldn't make a habit of it, but I wouldn't worry either.

LEMtheoriginal Tue 25-Sep-18 20:19:28

Does the toothpaste contain xylatol?

incendio Tue 25-Sep-18 20:23:22

@LEMtheoriginal just checked and no it doesn't!

@LucyInTheParkWithDragons I think you're right, she's currently trying to nick my food off my plate so back to her usual self

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LEMtheoriginal Tue 25-Sep-18 20:30:55


incendio Tue 25-Sep-18 20:32:35

@LEMtheoriginal I just had a google, thank goodness it didn't have it!

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glivupa Tue 25-Sep-18 22:27:47

Silver lining she has white clean teeth now

incendio Tue 25-Sep-18 22:46:23

@glivupa and lovely minty breath grin

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