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Flea treatment caused bald patch...

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Catisfaction Mon 24-Sep-18 18:19:06

For some reason I cannot get a new line if I hit return so please bear with me. I treated my cat this month with Bravecto 500mg for fleas and ticks which I bought from the vet. He is a big cat, 7.5kg so needs the top dose and he has had it before. He immediately dashed outside and spent the rest of the day outside in the heat and sunshine keeping his distance from me. That is not unusual for him. He is a very timid cat, was treated very badly as a kitten so he doesn't like change. Just getting him in a cage and driving 30 minutes to the vet would traumatise him horribly so I haven't done it. He wouldn't allow himself to be examined. What I noticed the next day when he came near me again was that where I had applied the treatment, most of his fur had fallen out and his skin looked a bit pink. It has since calmed down but feels a bit rough. I wonder if the treatment made his skin sensitive and he got sunburn. Has anyone any experience of this? I am going to speak to the vet and show them the photo that I took but I suspect they will ask me to bring him in. They tend to want the fees. He will not cope with the journey. He is around 12 years old. I hope this all makes sense. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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StuntBottom Mon 24-Sep-18 18:21:09

This happens to one of my cats. Tried several different treatments and they all have the same effect. However, he had fleas once and reacted so badly to flea bites that the vet says he's better off having the reaction to the treatment. It doesn't seem to bother him and the fur grows back. Definitely need to show your vet, though.

Catisfaction Mon 24-Sep-18 18:33:41

Yes, he reacts badly to fleas, infact he chews so hard at himself that he chewed all the fur off the inside of his legs and stomach. He sounds like a pig digging for truffles when he goes at it. Quite often in the middle of the night on the bed next to me. He wasn't even infested, just a couple of weeks overdue for treatment. He is mostly white so I would see them on him if there were loads. Thanks for that, I will speak to the vet and show the photo.

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Catisfaction Mon 24-Sep-18 18:41:05

He picks up fleas all the time because he is always hunting. I need to treat him for worms too just in case, because he eats such a lot of mice, birds, rats and rabbits!!

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