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Cat proofing the garden

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BlooperReel Wed 19-Sep-18 15:23:35

Our kittens will be allowed out in a few weeks, ideally i'd like them to keep to our garden (neighbour is scared of cats!) plus one is a somewhat unusual breed so I am wary of her being nabbed.

I have heard rollers on top of the fences work well, any idea where I can get them, the less unsightly (and expensive) the better.

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viccat Wed 19-Sep-18 16:30:06

Unfortunately I've recently heard of several bad experiences of the roller type cat proofing - escapes, other cats managing to come in etc. I would recommend the netting type as being more reliable. Mine is from Sanctuary SOS and 6 months in no escapes and no other cats or foxes have got in. I don't really care how it looks, my cats' safety is more important. As it's 6ft up anyway, I don't really notice it.

BackToTheFuschia7 Wed 19-Sep-18 17:29:21

Really viccat ? That’s disappointing. I was thinking of putting the roller type up in my new garden.

FWIW op, I think the netting isn’t that obvious from a distance and you can blend it in with nice shrubs in time. My recommendation would be protect a pet. Run by a really nice guy called Simon.

QueenOfIce Wed 19-Sep-18 21:26:37

We have the roller system and we have never had an issue with any neighbours cats getting in or ours trying to get out. They look great, our cats are safe and we've been really happy with the system so far.

BlooperReel Thu 20-Sep-18 05:49:52

Thanks, will look into the netting as a possibility, also any links as to where we could buy the rollers? Dh is very diy savvy so fitting shouldnt be a problem i dont think whichever option we went for

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QueenOfIce Thu 20-Sep-18 06:32:35

We went with Katzecure you can either fit them yourself or they'll do it. Really nice to deal with.

viccat Thu 20-Sep-18 10:02:23

Katzekure is the one where I've heard of escapes/other cats getting in recently. It probably depends on how athletic your cats are but certainly young, active cats would not have much difficulty balancing on the rollers and jumping over.

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