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Storm Ali and cats

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smurfy2015 Wed 19-Sep-18 12:01:58

Where I live is high above sea level, at one point about a mile away your ears actually pop, so its high.

The storm has disturbed the cat this morning but she was howling at the door and insisted on going out, she went out the front door, thru the front gate less than 3 metres away, looked around and came speeding back in at such a rate that she ran straight into the bathroom door,

She has been scratching at the window inside trying to catch gusts of wind so I gave her some treats including 2 calmeeze tablets and now she is lying in her basket on her pillow, deep in dreamland and dopey.

So no distress now and a peaceful cat, when she is fully awake I am going to take her for snuggles and give her another tablet tonight as I am prepared for having no electric

So useful to know about if your cat is distressed for some reason that you can't do anything about, (Halloween, new years eve fireworks, 12th of July band parades so loud drums and other instruments)

They can be given along with a few treats as they are beef flavour so slip in handy, she can chew and swallow - obviously they are just a white coloured treat lol

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smurfy2015 Wed 19-Sep-18 12:02:34

Any other tips and tricks to share to keep your cats relaxed when needed?

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dementedpixie Wed 19-Sep-18 12:04:26

One of mine is outside under a tree and the other is on the couch. Have had to move my bins round the side of the house as they all blew over and spread their contents over the garden

smurfy2015 Wed 19-Sep-18 12:49:31

Bins - mine are now lying flat on the ground lid side down with the lids tied tight with a criss-cross pattern involving the handles, lids, wheels and bar on the bottom. It will have to be cut after the storm so can access them again but for now, they can't go anywhere.

My furbaby is now snoring so missing the banging outside of the back gate

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