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Tips for a new kitten

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MrsBlondie Mon 17-Sep-18 10:55:31

We are hopefully (all being well with Cats Protection) getting a kitten on the weekend.

Ive had a kitten before but he lived to 18 and so I'm a little rusty!

Any tips? Ill ask what litter he uses and food he eats to keep the same.
Thanks, my 2 kids are so excited (12 and 6 so will be very gentle with him).

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SpoonBlender Mon 17-Sep-18 11:07:51

Hurray! Good work on checking existing litter/food. Changing litter can have the little darling confused and shitting on the carpet. Food is not so much of a problem, kittens will eat any! Get wet and dry. Don't let the kids feet the kitten from their plates etc - ideally he won't be aware that human food is edible, we've managed this with four cats now. Keeps them largely off the kitchen surface as well.

At least two litter trays, and don't move them (or if you do, block the space with a large crate or something). After feeding, pop the kitten in one so he knows where it is. Do the other one next feed. Repeat until he's used both by himself. Low-sided for the first couple of months, plant seed trays are fine.

He'll need feeding three+ times a day until Christmas at least, hopefully you've got someone who can feed at lunchtime.

Make sure the food is high quality, get an account at zooplus and bulk buy once you've settled in, way cheaper than supermarkets etc.

ifonly4 Mon 17-Sep-18 11:25:15

I have two very good little eaters and consequently am getting through a good supply of food and litter, so make sure you're stocked up just in case. My two love ping pongs ball, will chase around ages after them.

You might get a very friendly little chap, but allow for them being nervous, in particular we couldn't stand/walk near one of ours but two weeks later it doesn't bother him. You're children may need to realise he needs a couple of quiet days.

Two probably coax eachother more, but I don't remember my last two being so active, so it might be worth putting a few things away that you really wouldn't want to get broken.

Tell us more, how old is he, what colour?

Aprilshowersnowastorm Mon 17-Sep-18 11:26:30

Cardboard box, cut holes in!!
And get 2 kittens if you value your home furnishings and fingers!!

Rockbird Mon 17-Sep-18 11:33:03

Yes, we wanted two cats anyway but the CP woman we saw yesterday said she highly recommended getting two. Singles are more mischievous, more destructive and more trouble but two amuse each other and play, giving your curtains and furniture more of a chance!

bellinisurge Mon 17-Sep-18 11:36:38

We will need a photo when you can. Google Jackson Galaxy - US cat behaviourist. Loads of great tips.
My rescue darling can't come to the phone right now. She's asleep.

Rockbird Mon 17-Sep-18 11:39:39

I've been watching JG on YouTube for the last few weeks. I love him!

ifonly4 Mon 17-Sep-18 11:48:34

Hate to say it, but having two hasn't stopped mine from scratching the settee and lower stair. As they have whiskers, triangle shaped ears and purr (and after two weeks I have two lap cats), they'r forgiven for anything.

MrsBlondie Mon 17-Sep-18 13:02:20

Thanks all. Only one kitten left, don't think we would want 2 anyway (extra costs etc).

Ill update once I know we have him. Need to go shopping then!

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bellinisurge Mon 17-Sep-18 13:18:35

Really nice tip for kids is for them to write the kitten's life story and read it to the kitten - sitting quietly as you do so. The purpose of this is to help with bonding. Helps the kitten get used to their voice and their presence and helps them get a feel for how the kitten is. Doesn't have to be accurate; can be a mad science fiction fantasy. Or whatever.
And lots of play.

Rockbird Mon 17-Sep-18 14:25:12

Sorry for jumping on your thread MrsBlondie. Just that I'm in the same position.

The story is a lovely idea. Both my dds (10 and 6) love writing and reading stories. Totally going to get them to do that.

Dollymixture22 Mon 17-Sep-18 20:16:35

Tunnels. My kitten lives them. Spend hours running up and down them. She just got a new one with a hole in the middle that she leaps out of every so often.

Cats protection will advise you on pet insurance and a good vet. They are expensive little buggers, but worth it!

dementedpixie Mon 17-Sep-18 20:19:27

Keep your shoeboxes. Mine love a wee sleep in them. Scratching post and/or cat tree

SoftlyCatchyMonkey1 Mon 17-Sep-18 20:28:57

I'm delighted that you started this thread OP - we are also getting a kitten from the cats protection this weekend! Looking for tips also X

Dollymixture22 Mon 17-Sep-18 21:43:08

We made an adoption certificate. Kitten has a middle name!

I bought loads is useless stuff. She won’t sleep in any fancy cat beds. Just on the sofa or my pillow!

But the water fountain was a good buy. And lots of cheap food dishes. Need washed every time.

Rockbird Mon 17-Sep-18 22:45:36

What about bed time? It sounds daft but we've recently looked after a friend's puppy and there was a very set bedtime routine. What happens with cats when they're new to the house? Do you put them to bed in their 'basecamp' as Jackson Galaxy calls it, or can they just wander round the house and sort themselves out?

dementedpixie Mon 17-Sep-18 22:51:18

We used to leave our 2 downstairs in the kitchen and then after a few months let them roam the house.

Dollymixture22 Mon 17-Sep-18 23:04:06

Initially I slep downstairs with her because she was so tiny. Now at bedtime she follows me upstairs and sleeps either in or under the bed. I have a litter tray in the ensuite and leave dry food and water out for snacking.

She washes me at about 5 most mornings - by climbing under the covers and clawing me.

MrsBlondie Tue 18-Sep-18 09:55:52

Oh a few of us!
I was wondering about night time too. Think we will just leave in our kitchen/dining area. Ill check if I wake in the night (which I do, often!)

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Rockbird Tue 18-Sep-18 10:49:40

The front room is the only room that we can really shut off due to the layout of the house so all their things will be in there to start with. And mine aren't tiny kittens, they're 7 and 4 months so should be ok overnight? I'll also check on them if I'm awake (also frequently!). That should be ok shouldn't it?

ifonly4 Tue 18-Sep-18 11:10:42

We got two lovely five month old kittens from CP just over two weeks ago. In time they'll be in the lounge and extension as cat flap off there, but to be honest at the moment we put them in what was their safe room at night. Despite the fact they're in the opposite end of the house downstairs and two doors are shut, you can hear them chasing about in there, so to keep them safe and let us get some sleep they're restricted.

Rockbird Tue 18-Sep-18 11:19:57

Have to remind myself we have cats if they're noisy in the middle of the night. Can see us waking up and wondering who the hell is downstairs grin

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