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Cat not come home 😢

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pilates Thu 13-Sep-18 23:02:06

Oh gawd I’m thinking the worst. She is nearly 4 and this is the first time ever. Praying she’s safe and unharmed 🙏

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LanguidLobster Thu 13-Sep-18 23:57:17

Aww, I send safe thoughts.

Can she get back in on her own?

Honestly there are so many posts on here about them going walkies then coming back safely, sleep well lovie x

pilates Fri 14-Sep-18 06:39:56

Thanks, but she has never done this before so out of character which makes me think something bad has happened 😔. We haven’t got a cat flap but she has a loud meow and I would definitely hear her to let her back in.

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DannyWallace Fri 14-Sep-18 06:43:59

How long as she been away for?
My cat did exactly this. She normally goes out for a wee wander but comes home every couple of hours. And she never stayed far.
Then one evening I hadn't seen her in a few hours....she didn't come home for 4 days!
I had all the vets/cats protection league/Facebook groups putting out her photo and I kept going door to door. I really thought the worst too!
Then she just appeared at the living room window. Starving and a wee bit dirty. She'd obviously made her way into someone's garage or something.

I so hope your little one comes back soon. I completely get how scary it is xx

C0untDucku1a Fri 14-Sep-18 06:44:47

Is she back?

pilates Fri 14-Sep-18 07:00:08

No not back, my DH is going out to check the local roads to us. I will do some posters today. I can never have another cat it’s too heartbreaking 😔

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pilates Fri 14-Sep-18 07:02:16

I hope so Danny as she is quite a nervy cat and wouldn’t readily go in to someone’s house

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Acitywallandatrampoline Fri 14-Sep-18 07:22:30

Honestly, my cat was exactly the same a few months ago and I was convinced that was it. She came home 2 nights later and I could not believe it! So don't lose hope. I was told to put the litter tray out for her for scent. I also found local Facebook pages a God send and people were so good looking out for her etc.

DannyWallace Fri 14-Sep-18 07:22:58

Depending on where you are based I found the cats protection league to be a fantastic help.
I sent them a message with her picture and they posted it a fair few times online in the area she was missing. Each post was shared at least 20-30 times by other people on top of that.
I had so many people contacting me saying when they had last seen her

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Fri 14-Sep-18 09:07:57

Don't panic yet. Check Neighbours' outbuildings and sheds (dry food to rattle helps).
Good luck.

pilates Fri 14-Sep-18 09:29:32

I am going to drop some leaflets around the neighbourhood, my daughter is going to post on Facebook. She has either got stuck in a garage or shed or something worse. I have such a bad feeling in my stomach.

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ifonly4 Fri 14-Sep-18 10:26:39

OP, is she microchipped? If not, phone the local vets and animal shelters to give them your details.

What time did you last see her?

DannyWallace Fri 14-Sep-18 11:04:41

Definitely phone all local vets too.
Keeping everything crossed for you OP

pilates Fri 14-Sep-18 13:03:22

12 noon yesterday. I know it’s only a day but she is very much a routine cat. This is so out of the ordinary.

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HoleyCoMoley Fri 14-Sep-18 13:44:32

You can post a photo on find My Cat and Find a Pet. I hope she comes home soon, paws crossed for

TheTurnOfTheScrew Fri 14-Sep-18 13:51:40

ours went missing for about 10 days over the summer.
we had success with posting leaflets through letterboxes in the streets immediately nearby - got a good few texts with pictures confirming sightings, but these were getting incrementally further away.

Eventually she settled in particular garden 3/4 of a mile from where we leafleted, but the family there put a facebook post up which was seen by someone who did get a leaflet. we collected her and she's been home since.

Rudgie47 Fri 14-Sep-18 14:58:18

He'll be back I think.
I've had a house cat go for 10 days, he was found after an extensive leaflet campaign and knocking on doors. I kept getting calls from the bottom of the street saying he'd been in their gardens. Eventually someone called saying he was behind their shed and I went down and got him.

My other cat went for a year, and he never went far, so god knows what happened. He was found wandering about 1.5 miles away round a hotel. Someone eventually scanned him and I got him back.

You need to do an extensive campaign if he doesn't turn up soon. It does work.Hope shes microchipped.
Also post on all the relevant Facebook groups.

pilates Fri 14-Sep-18 15:02:37

Yes she is microchipped

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DannyWallace Fri 14-Sep-18 19:34:00

Any news OP?x

Whatsthisbear Fri 14-Sep-18 19:41:31

Oh no. Yes phone all local vets & shelters, posters, FB and put her litter tray out so she can get the scent. Go street by street and knock on doors asking for neighbours to check sheds & garages.
Hope she is soon back safe at home.
Do let us know when you find her op.

pilates Fri 14-Sep-18 21:13:38

No news. Feeling upset, I really miss her. She used to sleep on my bed. Yes, whatsthisbear I have done all of what you have mentioned.

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LapdanceShoeshine Fri 14-Sep-18 21:19:01

Only just seen this. Hugs for you, OP.

One of mine has stayed out for over 24 hours a couple of times (& seemed traumatised when he did come back) & a couple of friends have had cats stay out much longer, obviously having been shut in somewhere when they did reappear sad

Hope yours will be home soon ❤️

Vinorosso74 Fri 14-Sep-18 22:20:01

I hope she turns up. Perhaps knocking on doors tomorrow and checking neighbour's sheds and garages might help find her.
Leaving out litter tray or blanket she sleeps on are supposed to help.
Hurry home little cat!

AnneElliott Fri 14-Sep-18 22:30:14

Have you searched at night- with treats? One of mine went 2 streets away and couldn't work out how to get home. Found her under a car at night (as it was quiet and I could hear her reply to my calling)

Whatsthisbear Fri 14-Sep-18 22:52:10

Is it worth as AnneElliott said going out now, when it's quieter? If you went out street walking and calling her now when she could hear you with less noise/traffic/people and you could hear her if she meowed?
I really hope you find her op.

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