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Have some CF neighbour here and I don't know who it is

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HeartStrings Fri 14-Sep-18 17:52:24

They don't need them really. It's because it was the first time both of them don't have them on. Found one of them down the street in the middle of the road. I prefer them wearing them as they're reflective and one of my cats is black so it should stop her from getting run over. They come and go as they please at night

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DelilahandDaisy Fri 14-Sep-18 03:37:32

Both mine regularly come in without them. I think their little knobbly bits are actually thumbs and they help each other.

EachandEveryone Fri 14-Sep-18 03:03:00

Do they need them?

JanetWeb2812 Thu 13-Sep-18 20:58:12

As kittens Jack would tug at Daisy's collar until it came off and she would return the favour. I gave up after that.

cakesandphotos Thu 13-Sep-18 18:19:51

They could have got caught. Our cat lost about 7 collars and one day our neighbour found a little pile of them under her hedge. He’d obviously worked out where to go to get it off. Maybe the same thing?

HeartStrings Thu 13-Sep-18 18:10:39

Someone has taken BOTH my cats collars off! If one of them has lost it fair enough but considering they both aren't wearing theirs makes me think some cheeky fucker has taken them off!! Why?!!!

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