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Excessive licking post spay

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Mammabear31 Wed 12-Sep-18 16:12:39

My 6 month old BSH male was spayed on Monday. No complications and all looked good- vets said there were no stitches as the wounds were so small.
He's been wearing a cone 95% of the time since then as he just won't stop licking his back end - it is literally soaked.
I took the cone off about 30 minutes ago as his wound looked healed over and no longer red/pink; however he is still licking it obsessively. Is this normal and will it stop? Can he cause the wound to open again of he licks too much?
I've only had females before and never had this issue!

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HoleyCoMoley Wed 12-Sep-18 16:16:25

Is he weeing ok

Mammabear31 Wed 12-Sep-18 16:18:24

Yes he's weeing and pooing fine, eating and drinking as normal.

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thecatneuterer Wed 12-Sep-18 16:19:48

I've never seen this post castration. It's normally a sign of cystitis/blocked bladder. But if that's all normal then I really don't know.

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