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Rushofbirdsinflight Wed 12-Sep-18 06:45:05

Sorry another flea question. Does anyone find advantage works well and can you use it a few days after frontline or do you have to wait another month?

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thecatneuterer Wed 12-Sep-18 16:29:14

Yes it works well. You need to leave at least two weeks after Frontline treatment.

Rushofbirdsinflight Wed 12-Sep-18 20:46:08

OK 2 weeks is slightly better.
Another question of anyone can help. I've indorex'Ed the house and washing all bedding daily (so close to losing the plot I can't even tell you). However my poor frontlined cat is still full of fleas despite combing him through. If I let him in the house will it make the flea issue worse now I have put indorex down? I obviously don't want to keep him shut out but I am at my wits end and don't know what to do.

Please help

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Rushofbirdsinflight Wed 12-Sep-18 20:48:27

Also will the indorex start working immediately? I can't take anymore flea bites. My poor daughter has just started school and she is covered in them and can't sleep because they itch. sad

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Rudgie47 Wed 12-Sep-18 21:57:45

I've had this OP and it was horrendous. It takes a few days to get rid of all the fleas I've found and you have to keep vacuuming all the time. Make sure you do the beds and round the skirting boards as well.Also empty the hoover and put the dust in the outside bin.
Can you get your daughter some cream or antihistamines from the chemist.
I'd ring the vets tomorrow and see if they have any treatment for the cat which he can have sooner than waiting the full 2 weeks.

viccat Wed 12-Sep-18 23:35:43

The cat could probably take a Capstar tablet as it's safe to combine with other treatments. It only kills any adult fleas currently on him and will work for about 24-48 hours (rather than giving ongoing protection) but it might just do the trick in your situation.

Rushofbirdsinflight Thu 13-Sep-18 07:20:03

I rang the vet and they said frontline is rubbish basically! They said they would prescribe advocate or sell me advantage but I can't give it to the cat for another month. Although this is what confuses me as I've read and been told by other people that it can be given 2 weeks after frontline?

I'm just about to look at capstar so thanks for that suggestion.

I work full time as well so trying to deal with 3 kids, changing bedsheets daily, vacuuming constantly and putting spray down is really stressing me out. But touching wood we didn't get bitten last night although I did smother us all in bug spray so that may have helped.

I'm going to get some antihistamines for the kids too.

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ifonly4 Thu 13-Sep-18 10:36:22

Don't know if you can still get them, but flea bombs might be worth a try. Easy to set if you're going out, but obviously make sure your cat doesn't have access to the rooms being treated until you return.

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