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Hungry local cat brought her kitten to us for food!

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StillMedusa Tue 11-Sep-18 23:47:14

Neighbours a few doors down have a very young cat, who had kittens about 3, maybe 4 months ago. Post birth she was a skeleton and starving... we put out food (that our pampered beasties reject) for the various strays and the little nursing mother was turning up at least 3 times a day. I tracked the owners who are well meaning , but their household is chaotic and dare I say it, a bit rough and they assured me they were having her neutered, and did, thankfully.
But she is always begging for food, gobbles it down and is still thin.

Tonight DD2 opened the front door and she shot in, followed by her kitten!!! They both dived for the cat bowls and ate like desperate animals... there is no doubt they are genuinely hungry. sad

I don't know what to do.. I don't mind feeding them (and unlike mine they are grateful for anything so I can buy supermarket food for them) but I don't want them entirely dependent on me as we do go away some weekends etc

WWYD? The owners are not particularly approachable!

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ISeeTheLight Tue 11-Sep-18 23:49:10

Has she been worked recently? If the owners are feeding her but she's still so skinny that could be a reason.

Singlenotsingle Tue 11-Sep-18 23:49:37

What can you do? Feed them! And if you go away leave a big bowl of cat biscuits out. What happens to your own cats when you go away?

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Tue 11-Sep-18 23:51:03

So basically the owners are starving their cat? She looks like a skeleton and is begging for food? Why have you not reported them for animal cruelty?

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Tue 11-Sep-18 23:52:04

I'd be tempted to take them to a rescue shelter and if the neighbours ask deny seeing them, if they are starving.

StillMedusa Wed 12-Sep-18 07:54:03

Mine go in the cattery when we are away, or occasionally my neighbour feeds them for us if it's just a night away. I am wary of taking them anywhere because I know from previous experience that if they are owned, vets won't treat them. Im happy to feed them...between me and one other neighbour we are basically a food bank for a handful of not well cared for cats, but I don't think they are being deliberately mistreated, I just think the owners don't feed them regularly enough!

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claraschu Wed 12-Sep-18 07:57:09

I would worm them. I know that would not be great if they were wormed twice close together, but what is the likelihood that a family such as theirs would take the trouble sad.

iamawoman Wed 12-Sep-18 08:05:06

I would think about taking them to a rescue centre if you feel they are being neglected.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 12-Sep-18 08:05:38

Or they don't feed them at all. You know because "cats fend for themselves" I wonder if they sell the kittens or they die?.

I would keep them in until they were fattened up, then spay them. They wont be microchipped.

The downside is you then have 5 cats. But being that hungry must fucking hurt a lot.

ragged Wed 12-Sep-18 08:09:12

What Loki said, about the kitten anyway. I can't imagine the kittens have been neutered.

StillMedusa Wed 12-Sep-18 19:49:20

I fed them again this morning and this evening... second time, I opened the door and the kitten shot in while Mum waited by the door. But she is not socialised at all... terrified of people sad. I did pick her up and stroke her and intend to do that every time she comes in... my DS1 thinks that they were kept in the shed when Mum had them (when we first looked for the Mum's owners they were never home).
I'm going to pop into my vets tomorrow and ask for advice. I really don't want 5 cats, but I am not prepared to let them be hungry. I will worm them both too as I think they will eat the tablet in food as they just gulp it down.

We also feed Dad...(well we think he's the dad as only Tom around) he's a stray Tom but he is very well fed between 3 houses and has a special weather proof bed in one other neighbours garden 2 houses down.

I can't capture and keep them in, because one of mine is ancient and another is neurotic! But I will do my best by them and if I can get the kitten in and rehomed/spayed I will as I doubt she is registered with a vet.

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thecatneuterer Wed 12-Sep-18 19:57:00

Do you by any chance live in London?

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 12-Sep-18 19:58:26

Could you arrange for dad to have his testicles removed? Cpl might help with costs.

I wonder if mum is used as a kitten farm?

HoleyCoMoley Wed 12-Sep-18 20:15:08

I would see what the vet says and also consider reporting this to the rspca, can you speak to the owners and ask if they would like help rehoming cats and kittens.

StillMedusa Mon 24-Sep-18 16:33:01

Update... owners have handed them over to BlueCross for rehoming! I am very glad!

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thecatneuterer Tue 25-Sep-18 14:26:50

Thank god for that!

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