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Tell me about litter

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oneofthegiantsisme Tue 11-Sep-18 12:39:08

We've had a rescue cat since May (10 year old, DLH), and I bought wood pellets for the litter tray, as that's what they used at the rescue centre.

It's soooo messy, though - we get sawdust all over the house, on the chairs, scattered around the tray.

He's also prone to missing the tray and leaving puddles on the floor. I don't know if that's anything to do with the litter, or where we've got it, or just his age.

I'm thinking of switching to a different sort of litter when the current bag runs out, but am befuddled by the selection available. Any advice, anyone?

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Dollymixture22 Tue 11-Sep-18 18:04:08

I use catsan. I have one kitten and two hooded litter trays. Change Boh once a week - sometimes twice.

A large bag lasts about three weeks and costs about £11.

I think it’s one of the more expensive litters, but it seems to manage the smells. I use non clumping abuse a read kittens sometimes east heir litter

toomuchhappyland Tue 11-Sep-18 20:59:58

I use Cats Best as it’s made of paper so it’s flushable. It does a good job with smells too.

dementedpixie Wed 12-Sep-18 20:10:51

I found catsan got smelly quickly. I used a mix of worlds best and cats best smart pellets. Both are clumping litters so you scoop out poo and pee and don't need to change it as often

oneofthegiantsisme Thu 13-Sep-18 16:33:54

Thanks for the suggestions - I'll take a look at those.

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Bloomcounty Thu 13-Sep-18 17:59:12

My boy uses one called Worlds Best Cat Litter - it's made of corn, I think. It clumps into quite hard lumps, which makes the pee easy to remove. It's shockingly expensive, but a massive bag does us a month or two (he prefers to go outside, so it's just night time use). It IS a dusty one. I don't think there's many that don't produce some dust, it's a grit, after all. It doesn't get scattered much though as the tray has high sides and all that comes out with him is what's caught between his toes.

We have a hooded tray but as he's now almost 18 and a bit stiff, the lid was making it difficult for him to get in and out, so we removed it. Alas, that brought a different problem and he now sometimes points the wrong way, with his butt out, so pees on the floor. The best solution is a nice big layer of puppy pads under and around the tray - I use four pads overlapping, with the tray in the middle. It's not pretty but it stops pee soaking into my wooden floor. I also use a neutralising spray for the smell when he has his wee accidents.

oneofthegiantsisme Fri 14-Sep-18 16:25:40

Puppy pads is a good suggestion - thanks. We've currently got an Ikea shoe tray under the litter tray, which helps, but isn't perfect.

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