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Kitten's crusty bum

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MadCatEnthusiast Sun 09-Sep-18 19:23:36

So, my kitten Nalah has just been spayed last Wednesday; I don't think it's relevant but still.

Yesterday and today, I've found a some poo crusts stuck on her and everytime I try and touch it with some babywipes, she moves away and refuses. I'm not sure if it hurts but it's stuck to her hairs which may be why she's kind of avoiding any touching there. Any tips?

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MrsCatE Sun 09-Sep-18 21:38:44

Just have to distract her with something that makes her sit down whilst being a ninja and sticking wet wipe / wetted tissue under bum!

Guiltypleasures001 Sun 09-Sep-18 21:44:02

I think warm running tap and hold bum under with cotton wool

Want2beme Sun 09-Sep-18 21:54:34

Can you gently comb it out?

MadCatEnthusiast Mon 10-Sep-18 00:02:29

Finally managed to get it out with some wet wipes and just had to pull it gently with some dreamies to help. I think she's just been achy near her bottom half due to the spay wound?

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